Monday, 1 August 2016

What Happened Last Week | July 25th-31st

Hello lovelies,
Last week I had a rather good time. Granted it had its little ups and downs but there were some moments that just made it so perfect. So grab something nice to eat and drink and settle down.
Here's what happened last week.

Monday 25th |
On Monday I spent that day tidying my room, I knew I had guests the next day so I waned to make sure it was spotless for them. I got all little bit of writing done but I just wanted a really chilled out day before work on Tuesday. I also spent the day feeling really excited, I had some nice little plans for my birthday and I just wanted to day to hurry up.

Tuesday 26th |
My birthday!!!!!!!!!
Normally I'm never that fussed by my birthday but this year I had some plans for it. I had work and that was actually pretty good, I also had plans with my two best friends. When I got home I go ready and then went out to meet them. Now if you want to hear all about that wonderful day then please just  click here.

Wednesday 27 |
Another day at work and this time it was without chummy. I still managed to have the best day. I got to spend my day with the best people and we basically spent the day just messing around. Hardly any work was done but it was best day. I also got to leave and hour and a half early, my manager needed me longer at the weekend so I got it take it off my shift. In the evening I had a Zumba class which was so bad. The class was taken by someone who didn't really knew what they were doing, it just meant that it was just a bit dull.

Thursday 28th |
I had work in the morning but that was he day when all the best people were in. I had my chummy and my chumster and I found the happier. After work me and chummy went for a little gym session and I actually really enjoyed it. The time went really quick and it was just nice to get a little exercise. 

Friday 29th |
Finding Dory day!!!!!!! I also had work just before the cinema so me and chummy to our stuff to get changed into. Now finding dory was incredible and I will be doing a full review of this film. We had a nice little snuggle at the cinema and waited right until the end to leave. Like after all the credits and everything.

Saturday 30th |
It was the day I had been waiting for, me chummy and L all going out for my birthday clubbing. Now chummy came round and I attempted to make nachos. They were okay but not as nice as her mum makes. L joined us a bit later and then me and chummy continued to get more and more drunk. I got some cute selfies with them and then we had to go and meet L's mate. Now the night needed rather abruptly and it ended up being one of the worst nights, I just felt really bad and worried that I'd lost one of my best friends.

Sunday 31st |
I woke up at chummy's but I actually didn't sleep all night. Now I went home at like 12 and spend the whole day trying to get L to talk to me. I cried a lot because I was so worried that he hated me, then I napped and when I woke up I had messages from him. I was just so relieve, I'm still worried he hates me but I'm sure time will tell. I spend my night watching big hero 6 snuggled up to my mum and then just crashed out.

So that's what happened last week. Tuesday and Friday were probably the best days but I'm hoping that I can see L this week to make it up to him, I'm planning a nice little adventure for the two of us.