Monday, 15 August 2016

What happened last week | August 8th-14th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was a bit stressful but I actually had a pretty fun week. Also something I thought wouldn't happen did, let's just say maybe some feelings have re-surfaced but I'm just pushing them to the back of my mind haha.

Monday |
On Monday I had a 10-2 at work. It was okay but over the last few months I haven't worked Monday's, it was just a bit weird. Now aside from work I just went home, got my writing done and then ended up at the gym with chummy. I've actually been loving the gym lately. For me it's such a good way to get rid of stress and I just feel so good when I'm done.

Tuesday |
Day one of two days off. I spent my morning in the gym, we got there rather early. It was really nice to have a morning gym session, I didn't think I'd be the type to say that. After that we went swimming. Now this was a rather big deal for me. That sounds weird, let me explain. I am quite conscious about what I look like, I hate certain parts of my body but mainly my legs. Luckily I wore my swim shorts and ended up have a nice swim with chummy. It didn't help that we saw our duty manager in the pool. In the afternoon I just relaxed for a while if I'm honest. I just wanted to have a night snuggled in bed. Oh and L finally spoke to me. I left our group message on Facebook and that soon got his attention. He's just had a lot going on lately, but we're fine and it's nice to have him back.

Wednesday |
On Wednesday I had another day off. This time is was just me, I went out to try and get some clothes for V but I didn't really like what I got. I was going to go to the gym but all my eyes had swollen and I'm not sure why, I think it was hay fever and I just didn't really feel going on my own. I spent my evening planning and writing out the next few weeks blog posts. I have so much going on in the next two weeks and I just needed to get a few posts done. I'm really happy with them and I can't wait for you to read them.

Thursday |
Back to work on Thursday and it was a pretty fun shift. Now chummy left earlier than me so I was left with some of my favourite people, one who then told our duty manager that I was laughing so much because of him in speedos. Now I was cry laughing because she made a rather inappropriate joke, he then happened to come in and I'd told them we saw him swimming. We both went bright red and then he left saying "next time" giggled and then walked off. Chummy picked me up and we went for a nice little gym session after work. We then decided we wanted to go out shopping. After chummy waiting outside mine for a few minutes, I got changed and we were on our way to do what we both do best. I got a few new bits for V, my Harry Potter too I wanted and the Disney animators mug. We then broke our no McDonalds rule and ended up people watching in the car park while devouring our dinner. Chummy time was just so blissful and just what I needed.

Friday |
Another day off and I was just very bored. I decided to do some baking for my lovely lot at work. Chocolate and salted caramel was my choice. This is my first bit of proper baking since the kitchens been done, it was just so good. I had my music on, my tea and I was finally back got doing what I loved. I got some more writing done and then went for a quick gym session in the evening and we saw L down there. Now I haven't seen L since my birthday drinks night and it was just so nice to see him. Like I have to actually see someone to make sure they're okay.

Saturday |
I woke up in the worst pain but I had work at 11. I went in very early so I could have some time with chummy before my shift and bring in the cupcakes for them. Saturday was also the day I finally got to see my chumster. It's been two weeks since I've seen him and I've genuinely missed him so much. I had my other favourite person back at work and it was just a pretty good shift. Also tmi but I finally came on, I say finally. That makes it sound like I thought I was pregnant. Hell to the no. Considering I'm still a virgin that would be a rather odd conception haha. I was two weeks late and I put that down to lots of stress lately, I was so worried that it was going to hit for V festival. I mean I'm actually saying that chumster is my lucky charm. I haven't seen him for two weeks and the day I saw him, it finally happened haha. I also felt a little guilty. I spent most of my shift chatting to chumster and neglected my chummy a little. I just needed to cheer him up. The rest of the shift was okay, not great but it was all over at 4. I went hope, had some dinner and just wanted sleep. I also got some kalms tablets. Chummy recommended them for when I do my driving lessons but I wanted to try to them to make myself a little less stressed for V. I had the best nights sleep.

Sunday |
Work on Sunday just dragged so much. Luckily I was away from the customers and it was pretty fun. I woke up in the morning though and I'd had such a weird dream, someone was involved in the dream and maybe some old feelings are re-surfacing. I'm not sure why, well I know why but I'm just going to put those it the back of my mind. I know that would never be a thing, maybe it's just because I'm rather concerned for this person. Like they are so lovely and it breaks my heart a little that someone's hurt them. Anyway my chumster got me fudge from his holiday, he went to my favourite place in the world and knows how much I love the fudge there. I spent my evening snuggled in bed watching the worlds end, twice.

Well that's what happened last week. I had some great chummy time, I got to see my two favourite guys and I'm finally stressing much less after V now.

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