Monday, 29 August 2016

What Happened Last Week | August 22nd-28th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was such a blissful week for me. There were some stressy times but the week just seemed to feel so perfect. Little things that I'd been stressing about are now just gone.

Monday |
On Monday I woke up early in a field in a fairly cold tent. It was the day we finally came home from V. Now I know I moaned about it but I actually ended up having a pretty decent weekend. I got home, had the biggest hug from my mum and then sat outside for a while. After that I had the most wonderful bubble bath. Had some decent food and just snuggled in my bed. I spent my night tucked up in bed watching all my favourite shows, I also just needed some mummy cuddles and me and my mum just snuggled in my bed and having some cuddles. I got the best nights sleep after a weekend of on and off sleep.

Tuesday |

Back to reality on Tuesday and of course I was back to work. Now from Monday I'd been on a little bit of a natural high. Now just a little something that I won't be telling you all about at the moment. Anyway work was actually okay, it was a bit weird getting back into it after a weekend of no work. As much as I moaned it was so nice to have the weekend to just relax for a while and not worry about the little stresses of life for a few days. Work was a little awkward at first but after a lot of awkward chat it was just fine. 

Wednesday |
Now if you like in the UK then you will probably know that the GBBO was back on, being a home baker this pleased me a lot. Me and chummy both had early shifts at work so that meant we had the evening free to watch it. Now we also had a Zumba class that clashed with the class. We did the adult thing and went to our class, that then followed with us in my bedroom watching the bake off eating cake. It was actually a pretty good night. I mean the Zumba class was a struggle because it was just so hot. 

Thursday |
Thursday I woke up in the best mood. I had a morning Zumba class which was actually pretty bad, we had the bad instructor again so it wasn't really Zumba. Now I had work in the afternoon but when I got in from Zumba I got to get some quality time with my cousin. She one of the three kids in my life that are my whole world, it was just nice to get some time with her. To just chat about everything, little things that worried her and stuff like that. Shes always been more like a little sister than a cousin. Now at work it was me, chumster and the other lovely girl I work with. My manager has been keeping me and my chumster apart for a while. I don't think she really trusts us, we're a chatty pair and we spend most of our shift playing more than working. Now I had a little accident with the oil meaning my arm and my side got burnt. I'm okay but it just really hurt. Now it was probably one of the funniest shifts I've had in a while, I mean two people clearly think me and him are secretly dating. I can assure you we're not, he has a girlfriend and me, well........ummmm yeah my lips are sealed for now. Apparently though our whole department thinks we have some weird sexual tension. I don't see it, I'm like that when I'm close with people.

Friday |
I woke up on Friday to a very sweet message that just put me in the best mood for the day. I didn't have work on Friday so I spent my day doing what I loved the most. Sleeping and eating. I can't really think what else I did, like I just sort of had a really nice home day. It also gave me a little time to reflect on how I've been over the last few months. I guess I didn't really get a certain situation before, now I do I get it a hell of a lot more. 

Saturday |
Me and my chummy had a clubbing night planned. I woke up not really in the best mood, my mind was a little preoccupied and I didn't really want to go out. Neither of us did but we managed to cheer up and get in the mood. Work was okay, I got the views on a situation I'm in from two people I trust. Granted it wasn't really what I wanted to hear but I know they're only saying it because they're doing it so I don't get hurt if it all went wrong. I just see it as I need to just go with how I feel on this. No one else can make this decision and only I know how I'll feel. We headed back to chummys after work, got ready and ate nachos before chummys brother dropped us to the station. Now we went to the pub first and had some cocktails and deep chats. I think we both agree that this was probably the best part of the night. Like clubbing was okay but I think we were both very pre-occupied and maybe that club has run its course. Also I feel like chummys out growing clubs, maybe I am a little bit as well. I don't think it helped that this was a planned night. Our best nights are the spontaneous ones. 

Sunday |
A full day for me at work. After a night out. Normally it doesn't really do anything to me but I felt it a little, all I wanted was food and sleep. Luckily I was kept away from customers for the day but it didn't help that my normal Sunday people were missing. Chummy had to pop home and then one of the women went oh you're in charge now. No. I wasn't and no one was cooking anything which left me with nothing to plate up. Now everyone was on at me about breaks and I was just getting so wound up with everyone. Luckily even though my chumster was on the till he came in and helped me. It was all just far to busy and I knew I needed the quickest person helping me. Now the close was okay, I left early and then spent my night snuggled in bed watching casualty.

I've spent my week in my own little bubble and at the minute its really nice. That's all I'm going to say  but at the minute I'm really happy. Its nice to be in a new little bubble.

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