Monday, 8 August 2016

What Happened Last Week | August 1st-7th

Hello lovelies,
Last week is a week that I'd rather not remember. My weeks been full of people ignoring me and little stresses of life bubbling away. Apart from that I've had an alright week. Wasn't the best but not the worst. 

Monday |
On Monday I went for a little gym session with chummy, we didn't spend to long in there because I had to go to work. In the evening I went into work, now Monday lates are normally fun. This one wasn't and I just couldn't wait to escape the place. 

Tuesday |
Another late at work for me and I was actually looking forward to this shift. It was another chummy shift and it was nice to have chummy while my mind was away somewhere else. I got a little stressy but once chummy knew why, well she was very understanding. Tuesday was also the day that I finally ordered all the beauty and the beast tsum tsums. I was so happy that I managed to get them all.

Wednesday |
My first day off for the week and I was having a lovely day just having some me time. I read nearly all of Harry Potter and the cursed child and then I was off to the gym. Me and chummy did so well, we were in the gym for 5-7 then we had a zumba class at 7:30. When I got home I just immersed myself in the wizarding world and finally finished the cursed child. If you haven't read it yet then you need to start it. It was phenomenal and I'm actually planning on re-reading it.

Thursday |
We had a nice morning gym session after our zumba class, then got a little spot of lunch. I then just spent the rest of my afternoon watching a few films and getting some writing done. I also took pictures of all my beauty and the beast tsum tsums for my blog post.

Friday |
My last day off work and I got a bit go writing done. Cleaned my room, just basically got little errands done. I met chummy at the gym for a little workout then we headed out shopping. I went a little mad in Disney store and got myself some really cute things. I got my belle mug, baby dory, Mrs.Potts and hank. It was just so nice to have a chummy shopping day and just spend extra time with my best friend.

Saturday |
Work wasn't that much fun but I did have a pretty easy day if I'm honest. When I got home I just wanted to nap and watch TV. I was also watching for my aunt and uncle to come home, that sounds really weird. They've been away to my home away from home for a week and I was so excited for them to come home. When I saw they were all home safe I went and watch hot fuzz, the worlds best film, before drifting off to dreamland.

Sunday |
Work was decent. Not the best but not the worst. After me and chummy had planned a little gym session. Now we went to the gym but it looked like they were hoovering, that meant was just made up an excuse and left. That did mean we got to go on a little pokehunt and I managed to get 2 eggs! I got home, dad surprised me with a Ted baker make up bag and we had the best Chinese. In the evening my aunt, uncle and littlest cousin came round with fudge and little gifts from their holiday. My cousin was in such a cuddly mood and it just made me so happy. It was so nice but a little sad to hear all about their holiday, I'm just so glad they all had an amazing time.

Well that's what happened last week. I wont lie to you. Its a little bittersweet. Over the last two weeks I've had constant chummy time, her boyfriend got back from his holiday yesterday and its just a little weird. He's such a lovely guy and I'm happy he's back, it'll be nice to see her all loved up again but its been nice to just try and get over a tiny little heartbreak without seeing loved up couples. I'm just very used to consuming chummy's time at the moment so it'll take me a little time to adjust to him being back as we wont be in full on chummy mode. Of course I will be stealing her away for fun little days though, he doesn't get to have all the fun haha.