Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Monthly Favourites | July 2016

Hello lovelies,
July was a bit of a odd month for me. It was filled with a lot of happy moments but sadly the sad moments just outweighed it a little. Now I've had a few favourites this month so I'm hopping that you will enjoy hearing all about them. Now grab a nice mug go hot tea and some foxes butter biscuits and settle down. 

Beauty |
My beauty favourite this month has been a lip gloss from maybelline. I have been loving all the lip glosses from the matte range but the possessed plum shade has won, well it was a close contest. I never used to like a dark lip on me, now that's a different story. I really love it and I will now always favour a dark lip over a subtle nude. I just love this colour because on me I have to build up the shade. That means some days I can go for a more bold dark lip which I just love.

Book |
Now I read a snippet of Harry potter and the cursed child on Sunday, it was just a little sample and then I got the book on the Monday. Now even though I only read a few pages its my favourite for July. Granted it will be my favourite for august as well but I'm already obsessed with the book. I've nearly finished it and my word, you are all in for a treat. Of course I won't be doing a review, I'll be keeping secret.

Social media |
My favourite social media this month has been snapchat. I love all the different filters and even if I don't post, well its just fun to play around with the different filters. I also find it quite useful on a night out. If I snapchat it then it helps me piece together the events of the night.

Film |
Finding dory. Like everyone else I've waited many year to see these characters again. I will be doing a review of the film so I won't go into to much detail on here. I will say that for me personally, I loved it more than finding memo. I think because I've waited so long for it and I have attachments to the characters, well it made it more special for me. Now don't judge the awful picture of me, I went to the cinema straight from work and me and chummy obviously had the have themed tops.

Food |
It may not have escaped your notice that I'm partial to a snack or two. My favourite this month has been tomato pasta and chicken. I thought it would be sweet one but I didn't really know it was my favourite until I just typed it. I just get a pasta pack which is tomato and basil, cook that and then pop a little bit of chicken in it. Its so delicious and filling.

Youtuber |
Now I wouldn't say I've been watching that much youtube lately. Life's just got in the way and I'm happy about that, its done me good to just spend a little less time online over the last few weeks. If I had to pick one I would say Zoe Sugg. She's been vlogging a lot more and she does really long videos. I love it when she does this, it just means I can settle down of a night and watch a lengthy video.

Moment |
I've had two favourite moments this month. The first was with my favourite guy, L. We went out for a nice little evening at the pub and it was just nice to have some time just the two of us. A woman at work thinks were dating and I haven't told her, we're definitely not. Just very good friends and I'm just so happy I have him in my life.

My second favourite moment is weird. It stems from a moment that I was broken, I just broke down in tears because of something and I didn't know what to do. Chummy came to the rescue and came to get me. Granted it was such a heartbreaking moment for me but while I was inconsolable one of my best friends proved just how good a human she is, she was even prepared for my cry face.

Random |
An odd monthly favourite but I'll go with it. When we went out clubbing this guy started chatting to me, I was trying to ignore him because I was embarrassed but he kept on trying to chat with me. He seemed rather sweet but I was just in a very bad mood, still a little heartbroken so I dragged my chummy away and we left. Like its a weird thing to put in a favourite's post but maybe, just maybe some people are taking a little bit of an interest in me. Granted everyone in the club was drunk but that's the first time that's happened so I feel a little more confident now.

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