Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Monthly Favourites | August 2016

Hello lovelies, 
Sorry this is up late. You will all know that I'm going to Disneyland in two days, that means I'm frantically packing and making sure I get everything done. Also sorry about the bad content lately and its weird upload times. I'll do a little post about it all soon. Now the last month has been a bit weird for me. A lot of good stuffs happened and I can't wait to share my favourites with you.

Beauty |
The mint temptation body scrub has been my favourite this month. The lovely team at scrub love kindly sent me a scrub to try and its done my skin the world of good. If you want to hear all about it then please just click on this picture. It really helped make my skin feel super soft and hydrated, just what I've been needing after stressful shifts at work.

Book |
Again I'm pretty sure this was last months favourite but Harry Potter and the curse child makes it again. I just loved the story so I had to re-read it. Obviously I wont say what happens but I thought it would seem weird, even though its set years after the originals it's still so perfect. Its also so fun to make up voices for the new characters you get introduced to, also imagining what they would look like. For any potter fans I would recommend reading this, its such an easy ready as well. Because its a script it gives you the perfect way to create the scenes in your head. Making this book just a little more magical.

Movie |
My favourite film this month has been hot fuzz. We all know by now that this is my favourite non Disney film. Its been on TV so much lately and its made me so happy. I guess there's been a lot of stress in my head over the last month, that means this has been the perfect way for me to just relax. Other people don't really see my love for this film but its the perfect little pick me up after a bad day.

TV show |
The great British bake off is back! I adore this show and I've watched it since the first series. I just love seeing the little creations that they all bake, it was also a show that I was going to apply for. Just the application form was just a little long for my liking. I already have my favourite contestants.

Song |
My favourite song for this month has been lost boy by Ruth B. I think its just such an amazing song and her voice is just incredible. I've had this on repeat non stop and I've found myself singing it a lot of the time at work. 

Moment | 
This month has been full of so many lovely little moments but its been the family ones that have won it for me. I've got back the time with my lovely cousins and my aunt and uncle. Just time lounging in their garden, giggling with the kids and just soaking up every minute with the people I love the most. Life's been moving so quickly lately, I just want some time. Time with the ones who love me regardless, the ones who know that with one little look I'll have the biggest smile on my face.

This month started off a little sad, I had a lot going on in my little brain but its ended on the sweetest note. I'm not stressing about something now and on the 2nd I'm off to Disneyland Paris with my chummy. 

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