Friday, 19 August 2016

Me Time |

Hello lovelies,
Me time I something that I need to have. Some people have to be around others and get lonely when they're not. I'm the same sometimes. If I'm around certain people for to long, if I'm apart from them it just feels weird. I crave their time in my life. On the other hand once I get over that, well I love time on my own. I always have and I always will if I'm honest with you. For me I think this is because when I was little I was home schooled. I went from being around 30 children in a class to just being on my own. 

I'm used to being around people then just being cut off from it all and I love it. I used to love it just being me. Recently I've been spending a lot of time with people but its becoming clear that its not always going to be that way. I'm okay with that, its just going to take some time to get used to it. That's why at the minute my me time has been taking step back. I've missed it. I think I've been spending a lot of time with one person because I know at some point, its all going to stop. My mindset has worked in the way that I just need to make the most of it. 

I need to stop that. Yes I love spending time with people but I forgot just how much I like me time as well. Now I have two close friends, one who loves being around people and the other isn't to fussed. They enjoy it when they have it but they don't need to see people all of the time. I used to be that person but I've just got a little to caught up at the minute to just take some time for me.

Life has been going at a million miles an hour recently, things have happened that have just broken my heart and instead of focusing on me. I just went full force on spending time with people. Something I loved but now I just need time to process it on my own. So here is a little list of how I like to enjoy my me time. This is basically the perfect night in for me.

Bubble bath |
When I get to have some me time, I run myself the worlds bubbliest bath. Use some lush products, a face mask and just lay in a hot bath and just let the worries wash away. 

Candles |
Nothing beats a scented candle. That's a lie, the one thing that beats a scented candle, is a lot of candles. I have little tea light candles dotted around my room. I make sure my bedroom is all tidy and I light them all. It just makes my room look and feel so cosy. I can sit and watch a candle burn for hours, just watching the flames dance around is just so relaxing to me.

Ella Henderson |
My music choice for my me time is normally Ella Henderson. I just find her music so soothing and it always relaxes me. Normally I'll just lay on my bed, candles lit and listen to her album for a few hours. Its the perfect way for me to just escape the world for a little while.

Reading |
A good book helps me escape for a bit. I love it when I just can't put my book down. I'm starting to re-read the harry potters and its been so nice to get lost in another world again. It just takes me away and really helps me to just forget about things for a while.

Writing |
Some days I'll be in a writing mood. For me, taking myself away to my little space online helps me to relax. I find that my writing is better because its not forced, not rushed. Some nights I can write about 3 or 4 posts, which I then feel really proud of myself for. I may not be the best writer but its my little escape.

Snuggled in bed |
During my me time there is nothing I love more get all cosy in my bed. Snuggling into a little cocoon of pillows and blankets. A sleepy me always appreciates my bed during me time.

Movies |
A good movie is always needed for me. Normally my choice is hot fuzz. My favourite film, its just such an easy watch and I know the script really well. It never fails to make me laugh and its my little pick me up film. If not you can't beat a good Disney film.