Friday, 5 August 2016

Beauty And The Beast | Tsum Tsums

Hello lovelies, 
We all know by now that I'm a rather obsessive tsum tsum collector. Being a massive beauty and the beast fan, well this was my most anticipated collection and I'm rather please to say that I got all the collection. I woke up so early and really didn't think I would be able to get them all, anyway I just love this collection so much and I want to show them off to you.

Beast | 
They have got the detailing just so right on the beast. Unlike other tsum tsums I've had these ones are quite soft and fluffy. I love how much detail they have done on his face, I honestly thought they would just do him like other princes and just pop some eyes on him. It pleases me a lot that they've dressed him in his tale as old as time outfit, they've even added little details that make what he's wearing even more perfect.

Belle |
My favourite Disney princess in tsum tsum form and I couldn't be happier with her. The eye colour, the hair, the dress. She is just so perfect in every way. Also her dress is a different material and its just very pleasing, sounds good but its nice because its almost how I imagine the dress to feel.

Gaston |
Gaston is my favourite Disney villain, why? Because unlike the other villains he's just normal and I think it a good for children to see that not all horrible people cast spells or have dragons. Gaston is just an evil man and very manipulative. They have got his tsum tsum just right, I'm so happy that they chose this facial expression for him. His outfit it just right and he looks so good.

Lumiere |
Another one I adore. I love that fact that he has his little candle hands and the colour are just right for him. I love his face because I can picture all the scenes where he pulls this face. Now I'm going onto his little sidekick and well, he's just to perfect in my eyes.

Cogsworth |
Out of all of them I think I love him most of all. He was never one of my favourites in the film but his tsum tsum is just right in every single way. The colours of him, the face with the clock hand detail and to top it all off, underneath it has the little clock pendulum. They have made him so perfect

Phillipe |
I don't really have much to say about him. He is only in the film for little snippets. Granted they have made him look very similar to Phillipe in the film but he's not one of my favourites.

Chip |
Chip was always my favourite but his tsum tsum disappoints me a little. Like I knew he wouldn't be the best but he just seems very plain. I am happy that they incorporated his little chip though, that made me rather happy.

Maurice |
Again I'm rather impressed with Maurice. They have his hair just right and the detail of his little moustache is just so cute. I also love how they got the colours of his outfit right.

Mrs.Potts |
The last one is Mrs.Potts. Now online I really didn't like her. She just looked really odd but now I have her, well now I'm little in love with her. She was always one of my favourites from the film and I think her tsum tsum just represents her so perfectly. I love that they even added the detail of the hat/lid.

So that's the beauty and the beast tsum tsum collection. I am actually really happy with this set and I just love it so much. They are now all stacked nicely in my frame.

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