Thursday, 7 July 2016

Would you lie with me and just forget the world? |

Hello lovelies,
If you know the what song my title is from then well done, its one of my favourite songs. Now the song is probably about something completely different but its those lyrics that stuck out for me last week. I've always loved this song but this song popped into my head on Saturday night.

Basically it was me, chummy and L all laying on her bed chatting. Now L asked if we ever just lay down with our eyes closed while looking at a light. Sounds a bit weird but he said to try it. Now I was a little hyper because when I'm sleepy I get more energetic for some reason, this may have just been a thing to try and get me to calm now. It was just me, L and chummy laying on her bed eyes closed and chatting. It was the best feeling. It's like I could say anything, granted I can say anything around them but with your eyes closed you just feel more free to speak whats on your mind. I found that I calmed down a little as well. My heart rate slowed down a bit and it was pure bliss.

Chummy fell asleep on and off so effectively it was chummy asleep and me and L chatting while laying on a bed with our eyes closed. Now I can see why he does it, its the most blissful thing and so relaxing. Now the title? Well I was just laying there with two people who are just so real. Like they are genuinely the nicest people and having that time in that moment helped me forget the world for a bit. Like it was the three of us and that was it. For a moment it was like everything else that stressed me out wasn't important anymore.

When I was younger I would lay in the garden on a sunny day, looking at the clouds watching the clouds drift past. It was the most relaxed moment and I just felt like that again. For me it was the perfect way to de-stress after the week. There's been a lot going on in my head lately, most of the stuff I wont share with anyone and that's fine. Its just nice to be able to just lay down and forget the world for a little bit. 

It seems like lately all my favourite little moments aren't paid for. My favourite moments are the ones where I'm with the ones I love the most. Just doing the simplest of things, peoples time is far more valuable to me than anything else. 

Anyway that was just a little post of me thinking out loud again. 

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