Monday, 4 July 2016

What Happened Last Week | June 27th-July 3rd

Hello lovelies,
The start of a brand new week and we're now in July. Where has the time gone? Anyway we are now in the summer months and I have an exciting for months ahead of me. So a lot happened last week. Its a bit of a blur, obviously some stuff I wont mention because it will bore you but I'll fill you in on my eventful week.

Monday 27th |
Monday I was offered breakfast and I turned it down. I know, I know.....I dont know why I turned it down either. Its safe to say I regretted the choice. Instead I made myself a nice little breakfast at home. In the afternoon chummy came round and we finally watched OITNB episode 12 and 13. We watched Adele at Glastonbury and just had a good chat. Now I get so paranoid when chummy comes round because my house isn't anything fancy, like I just hope its not to bad when she pops round. Anyway I had a really lovely afternoon and evening with my best friend.

Tuesday 28th |
Tuesday I got to have another day off. I spent the day getting some blog bits done. I got to rummage through my dads CD's and got all his fleetwood mac, uploaded all that to my computer and then to my phone. I went down the town with my mum and just had a pretty relaxed evening. I didnt feel great so I watched the incredibles, I actually forgot how much I love that film.

Wednesday 29th |
Very stressful day wednesday. My Disney order came so chummy popped by after work to get her bits, I then went to work which was awful. From 6 there were just two of us and from 4 it was just three. Now we got sent over some help but the customers were just so rude. I just couldn't handle them, I finally got my break so sat in the canteen almost in tears because I thought I was going to throw up. Like I had really bad period pains but still no sign of it. Anyway after work I went home, had a cider and then went to tescos with chummy.

Thursday 30th |
I had the most productive day on Thursday. I had a bath in the morning, I mean I woke up and threw up which wasn't good but I was okay. Anyway in the afternoon I got so much done. Like I hadnt had a productive day like that in ages. I also spent the day no doubt annoying L on Facebook messenger. Like he got results back for one of his exams and did very well, so of course I was super proud of him  so sent him loads of gifs. Dad come home with the coldplay album I wanted. I've been going on about them since I saw them on TV at glastonbury. Like I love them anyway but he got me their latest album, I was so happy with that.

Friday 1st |
I woke up at about 1am on friday feeling very sick. Now I was sick about two times then went back to bed. I woke up at like 7am and was sick another 3 times, then I realised that battle (aka period) was in full swing. Im never sick which was weird for me but I just spent all day in my bed in agony. However I did get to catch up on some youtube videos that I had been wanting to watch. In the evening I got some writing done and got my work stuff ready for saturday. I ended up going to sleep quite early, I felt so ill but what made me feel so much better is L. Now me, chummy and L are all in a group message on faceobok and basically its a bit of chat and mainly gifs. If one of us says we're going to sleep the other sends a cute little gif to say goodnight. Its little things like that that cheer me up so much.

Saturday 2nd |
After a pretty p*ss poor day at work I was going to spend the evening round chummy's. Work had been awful. One woman did nothing leaving my chumster on his own. I felt like I was going to be sick and I'd just had enough of little comments that were uncalled for. Anyway an evening annoying my chummy was much needed. I waddled home from work, popped dinner on then had a shower. Went to chummys, had some drinks and snacks and then were were joined by L at about 9. Yet again a night with these two humans was what I needed to take me away for a little while.

Sunday 3rd |
Work was awful. Well parts of it were. I had my favourite people working with me but little things were getting to me, then the most stressed I was getting the more everyone was laughing. I know my rants are a bit to much sometimes but I was getting to the point where all I wanted to do was busts into tears. Anyway once I was at home I could just throw some pyjamas on and just relax. I got a decent amount of writing done, had a bath and just let all the stresses of the week just drift away. 

Anyway thats been my week. A few little highlights here and there but satruday was my favourite. Its the little things just make things perfect for me. I know I go on about these two a lot but right now they bring me so much happiness and cheer me up. 

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