Monday, 18 July 2016

What Happened Last Week | July 11th-17th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was a mixture of emotions. Luckily for me it got worse before it got so much better. So like usual, if you want to hear all about my week then stick around and grab a nice cup of tea. Well lets gets started shall we?

Monday 11th |
This was the start of three lovely days off. This is quite rare for me, I'm normally in on alternate days so I get one day off in between. Luckily for me, I was needed for the end of the week so I got a nice little chunk off. Now I had a pretty relaxed day and then in the evening I finally started my scrapbook. This is something that I've been meaning to do for ages, I grabbed my little A5 scrapbook,  photos, ruler, pencil and my sharpie. For me there is nothing more therapeutic than getting crafty. Im so happy with how it looks so far. I will of course be doing a little post about it, I've called it "One day like this a year". Some of you may remember I did a blog post called that, about the lovely day I had with two very important people.

Tuesday 12th |
Hmmmm. Tuesday was a weird one for me. I messaged this guy, even though L had said don't. Chummy said yes. Now I just thought I might as well, I was going to get an answer and no matter what it was at least I'd know. He didnt reply, proving what a d*ckhead he really is. The only person I told was Lou, I just wanted to tell someone who would be on my side. Anyway I didnt cry, I just sat and went right. Well what a waste of my time. The realisation that I let this silly boy rent a space in my head for a few months, well that just made me angry. I just needed to vent to someone and I was so happy I had Lou to just let me be upset and angry. She was the sweetest and just proved what an amazing internet best friend she is.

Wednesday 13th |
A day with my best friend was what I needed. Just a day of shopping and venting about everything. I wasnt going to tell her, I thought she would just see me as rather pathetic. To be honest she probably does think it but she just let me vent and I just needed that. I got a nice new pair of pyjamas when we went shopping, had a McDonalds and then went to zumba in the evening. We saw L there but I didnt go over to chat, I felt bad but him and chummy don't see each other that much and I didn't want to get in the way. Yeah I love to see him but I think it's important that he gets time alone with his best friend.

Thursday 14th |
I was back to work and went to zumba in the morning. I was in a weird mood after the events of the last few days and was an idiot and was rude to my best friend. I don't know what came over me, I really dont. I just got annoyed and i know I shouldn't have done. Anyway after weaping most of the evening we sorted it out and chummy understood. I just needed my best after all the drama so took myself to bed with the worlds worst headache.

Friday 15th |
A much more positive day for me. I wrote chummy out a very long note saying how sorry I was and popped it in her locker. I had another late shift where it was just the two of us, it actually went pretty well and I'm just glad my manager actually trusts me now. When I got home I just had the most relaxed evening and then got quite an early night.

Saturday 16th |
Work at 12 and I was cooking. My manager ticks us for what she wants us to do and she threw me in at the deep end and made me cook while we were really busy. At 1pm chummy and the other cook left leaving just me to cook. It was really busy so I just had to get on with it. I actually thought it went okay. We had a kerfuffle when someone didn't come in on time, I then had to work out the late shift to see if I could cover and if not they would have to close early so chumster wasn't on his own. Something was supposed to be done between 2-3 but we all forgot and no one knew how to do it. Anyway I got to see my chumster, chatted to him about d*ckhead and he agreed with me. In the evening I went to go and see my family, they were having a little present day so I popped round. I was ready to go and meet L at the pub but I wanted to see them, I got to play pokemon with my cousins for about an hour and a half and it was just so lovely. They've grown up so fast but to me their still little babies. 

Anyway at about 7:40 I walked down to the pub and waited for L. I had such a great night, I've done a post about the night thats going up wednesay but it was just so perfect. A night with my friend where there was non stop talking. I chat about everything with him, literally everything and it was so nice to just talk and someone listen and agree with me. To make my little insecurities go away. Anyway we both headed home at about 10:30, he wanted to walk me home because he was worried. I assured him I would be okay and that I'd message him to say I was home safe. Honestly the best guy I know.

Sunday 17th |
Work was actually so good. Granted when I got in the till was broken but it wasn't that busy, I got to chat to chumster and I spent my afternoon chatting to my favourite sarcastic woman. My close down was pretty good, just me and my manager. I told her about the day before and asked if she wouldn't mind showing me how to use the machine we have to use for something between 2-3. I don't really know what they even do but I need to be shown just incase we have a situation like that again. She seemed pretty impressed that I asked. I want more responsinlty because the more I know, well it puts me in a better position for hours if they become available in the future. My night was spent writing and tidying my room. I had the most relaxing bath and just got to reflect on the week. This weekend has been so much fun, L has made me realise that what I want from life isn't impossible because as long as I love it, why shouldn't I try to make what I love successful. Work seems so my calmer lately and next week my managers showing me how to do new things, that means a little more responsibility.

The week had such a low point but with the help of the best guy I know I have such a fresh perspective of things. I feel so much happier and ready to just focus on what I love the most, to start making more time for those I love the most and to just enjoy life as it is right now. I feel like right now we dont really want anything to change and I want to enjoy every minute of life right now. With chummy and L. I want to plan a few more little L days, it nice to just go out the two of us and have a good little chat. I worried that we would just be sat in an awkward silence but we chatted non stop, it was the first night in a while that I haven't been glued to my phone. It's like nothing else mattered at that moment, I was with my friend and having some much needed Chloe and L time. The fact that I didn't check my phone or text for a good few hours shocked me to be honest. Anyway I'm in the best mood right now and I just hope it doesn't change.