Monday, 11 July 2016

What Happened Last Week | 4th-10th July

Hello lovelies,
Last week was weird for me. Near the end of the week anxiety hit me very hard. I felt completely lost, alone and just at a bit of a loss of what I was doing. I had a little pick me up but then just came crashing right back down again. Anyway lets go through the build up of this overly bad week shall we?

Monday 4th |
I had a rather lovely day off on Monday. On Monday I decide to have my whole bedroom out. I regretted that the minute my room was covered I'm my pointless possessions. On the other hand my dads friend popped round with her dog, that meant I got some cuddles with the most adorable little dog in the world.

Tuesday 5th |
Tsum Tsum Tuesday arrived and I woke up super early to try and get the new monsters inc collection. Luckily chummy managed to get them all for us online. They looked like the cutest ones yet and for the rest of the day I was just so happy that she managed to get them. I had work in the evening and it was an okay shift, not the worst but not the best. Oh go that's what happened. I joined the gym. Yeah have a laugh, I'm giggling myself at that little fact. Basically I joined because I want to do zumba and L and chummy have done some light persuading over the last few weeks. Oh and I went shopping to get gym clothes.

Wednesday 6th |
I had another day off on Wednesday and I cant actually remember what I did. That's quite weird but I just remember it being a bit of a blur. I did go to zumba though in the evening. I was so scared to go bur I took myself along to the zumba class, saw my sister there which was great but I actually enjoyed it. I came home and felt like I was going to die after it but then I felt so good for doing it. I even told chummy that we would be going again the next day.

Thursday 7th |
I was up early getting ready for a zumba class. I really enjoyed it again, to be fair I used to love it at school and I'm so happy I've started doing it again. I'm not to sure what I did the rest of the day. I don't think I had work and I cant actually think of what I did. I think I need to start writing these everyday to make sure I don't miss anything out.

Friday 8th |
PAYDAY!!!!! That meant I was a little less poor. I had work at 10 and it wasn't the best. I spent my morning feeling really anxious and everyone was like oh you just missing chummy. No. Yes I like work when shes there but I was just feeling really anxious, my manager told me that chummy was working a late on the day I ask if we could both do earlie's. Everyone was just getting on my nerves. I had a gym introduction at 6 so I went down there and got that done. I just wanted my friends. I felt so upset all day and the only people I wanted weren't with me. I just needed them. Anyway I just took myself to bed at around 8pm and slept for so long.

Saturday 9th |
The day started out better than how it ended. I had a full day at work with chummy. I don't get full days but I was looking forward to it. The day was fine until it was just me and chummy. The place was a mess, the dishwasher was leaking and we had both had enough, I even got to a point where I was going to just walk out. Now I didn't but I decided I wanted a night out and felt a bit bad but chummy agreed. That meant after work she waited for me to run into the house, pop some clothes on and grab a load of alcohol. We went out clubbing and I actually had such a fun night. Just me and chummy and a lot of drinks. 

Sunday 10th |
I had work at 1 and I was drained. Its like all my energy had just gone. I basically went to work and came home then crashed out at like 8.

So that was the week. wasn't the most exciting but my life never is usually. 

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