Friday, 1 July 2016

Plans For The Next Few Months |

Hello lovelies,
July has come around so quickly and I have so many exciting things coming up. It seems odd because some of these things are things I never saw myself doing. Now of you it may not be exciting but for me, well the next few months are looking to be extremely exciting. 

My birthday |

Normally I dont really get that excited for my birthday but this year I'm looking forward to it. Now its not a special birthday but that week finding Dory comes out and I've planned to go out with my friends. Now I was thinking of going clubbing but my plans may change, I want to go out and get drunk but then I know that one of my frineds wont really want to do that. He might not be able to come but he's not a massive fan of clubs anyway. Im thinking maybe of having a big movie night if not with lots of drinks. Now I'll decide closer to the time but if everyone is around then I may end up at a club. Only time will tell.

Finding Dory |

I've been waiting years for this film. I loved finding Nemo, I remember going to see it when I was little and after years of waiting its time for a sequel. After watching the trailer many times I'm so ready for this film. No doubt I will cry a lot, even if its not sad its my childhood and it just makes me feel really old that they now have a sequel.

V Festival |

Im off to V festival in August. Now I'm excited but quite nervous at the same time. Orignally I was stressing because I thought I was going to get in the way of chummy and her boyfriend. Now, I dont really care. I've been out a few times with them and chat to him at work occasiclly. He's such a lovely guy but I was worried I was getting in the way. Now I just dont really care, I'm seeing myself as their pet for the weekend. Im looking forward to seeing some of my favourite artists, now I will try and record bits and pieces but Im not sure my phone will be the most reliable. 

Disneyland |

I've waited years for this. I honestly never thought I would be going to Disneyland, what makes it more special is that I get to go with my best friend and fellow disney addict. I can't wait to meet some characters and just enjoy one of the things I love the most with one of the people I love the most. No doubt there will be a lot of posts about my Disneyland Paris trip.

Chummys birthday |

Now this isnt for a while but I have lots of planning to do for this one. I already have one of her presents and I cant wait to get the rest. Basically I've gone for a frozen theme because she loves it. Now obviously she will be getting some non disney things but I want to get her little bits that I think she will hopefully love. I was a little worried about what I already got her but I've been to her best friend L and her mum, they both think she'll love it. I have faith in them. Im also planning her cake, somehitng which I am super excited about. L's already seen what I'm planning and even he was excited, much to the point that when we were all out he took me aside and was asking about what I was doing. Chummy clearly knew we were talking about her as I made him hide our faces with a book so she couldnt lip read us.

So thats what I have planned over the next few months. At the minute I feel like my life is just one big ball of stress. Im sure it will all work itself out and I'm stressing about absolutely nothing like usual. No doubt you'l hear all about it one day. 

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