Saturday, 30 July 2016

New Focus |

Hello lovelies,
Now some of you will notice that this post is a day late and its just another chatty post. The last few months have been a bit of a blur in some aspects. Now this week has been really weird for me, its been a mix of happy and sad and even though the happy has outweighed the sad, its still a little tough. 
I'm done talking about the bad stuff though and this week I've just lost all focus for my blog. Something that I love has become a little bit go a chore. I just want to take you through what I want to start focusing on over the next few months.

Family |
My family is my little safe haven. We don't always see eye to eye but its them who I always need. Over the last month I've got to spend time with my cousins, now these are kids that I've grown up very close to. I want to get that closeness back and go out and do more things with them. I just want to get back to how things used to be, get to know them so much more and just show them how much they mean to me.

Friends |
Friends are the ones I've been needing most lately. To me they are like my little extended family and I just want to make sure I spend time with them going on little adventures. I know I talk about my friends an awful lot on here, I just attach myself easily to people and for once I've found a little cluster of humans that tolerate me and I just want to have fun with them.

Blog content |
This blog has to be my main achievement, it may not be the best or the most popular but its a part of me that I've created all by myself and I just love it so much. Lately I've lost my passion and have been putting up some really bad content, for that I apologise but I think you all know that I've just got a little lost over the last few months. My aim is to upload content that I have 100% happy with and try to expand different aspects of the blog. I want to do more beauty posts and things like that.

Try new things |
I've tried a lot of new things this year, some of them scar but I'm happy I tried. I want to push myself a little further and no more things that are out of my comfort zone, I want to push myself to new levels and just live a little more instead of being the cautious person I've always been.

Work |
Its my aim to go full time at work, the hours aren't there but I'm asking my manager to show me more things so I became a little more valuable to the department. I'm also thinking about getting another part time job, just to earn a little extra so I can afford to save up.

Health |
Both metal and physical need a little bit of work. The physical side of things just needs me to go to the gym a bit more and eat a lot healthier. The mental side, well that's going to take some time. There's been to much going on lately that while some people know whats happened, well they don't know how its sort of f*cked me up in my head, over the last month I've almost found myself slipping back into old habits but somehow I stopped myself. My mind hasn't been a fun place to be over the last month, I'm getting there slowly but I just need a little time to re-focus my mind and get it back to its happy self.

Well that was an odd post but this is just the things that I want to focus on more over the next few months.