Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Monsters Inc Tsum Tsums |

Hello lovelies, 
Last week the monsters inc tsum tsums were released and I was lucky enough to get all the collection that was released. In the UK this is the full set is what I have here but I am desperate to get Celia and monster boo.

Roz |
I love Roz in the film and her tsum tsum doesn't disappoint. The glasses are perfect and I love her hair. The have the colours just right for her and she is just what I imagined.

Mike |
The thing that make me rather happy about this one is that he has his little horns. I thought they may have missed that little detail off but I was so happy to see they had added them.

Fungus |
He disappoints me a little if I'm honest. In the film he's red not orange and it just really bugs me. I just don't get why they couldn't make him red. But I do love his little monster hat.

Randal |
They have got the detailing just right on him. The colour is perfect and I love the look that he has on his face.

Boo |
My favourite character and they got her just right. The little ponytails are perfect and it is just such a cute tsum tsum.

Sully |
Sully is the one that I'm most impressed with if I'm honest. They have got his colour just right, his horns and also the little purple spikes going down his back. I love that they actually put his purple spots on him.

Well those are the monsters inc tsum tsums. I'm on the hunt now for the American exclusives.

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