Friday, 8 July 2016

I've Joined The Gym! |

Hello lovelies, 
If you saw yesterdays post or you follow me on social media, well you'll probably know already. For those who don't, I've joined a gym. Yes. Me. I've joined the one place I said I never would do. Now I will be going into the reasons why but I think you can guess, I mean I haven't done it to spend money each month. If you follow me on instagram then you will have probably seen this picture of me looking a bit of a state before and after my class.

Weight loss |
At the start of the year I lost around 3stone. Now I was so proud of myself and I managed that all on my own. Now over the last few months I've found that because I'm spending a lot of time with people who just don't care about my size, well that's meant a few more trips to MacDonald's and less time exercising. I would like to get down to 12stone. I'm 14stone 13lb's currently so that means I've got a bit of work to do before I can get down to that.

Confidence |
My confidence is rather low around new people. The only people I really feel comfortable around are a few people at work, my family, chummy and L. I'm terrified to go into the actual gym. I'm just so conscious that someone will laugh, I just need to push through that because my theory is that if I can feel confident and comfortable whilst I'm sweaty in a gym with people a lot smaller than me, well my confidence with go up a lot. 

Social |
I think it may be a good way for me to meet new people. Granted most of my gym sessions will be with chummy but I might meet some new people and that means that I can gain a few new gym buddies. 

That's about it to be honest. I won't lie to you....I'm scared. Of course I am. I feel a lot more comfortable at the minute because I have my best friend by my side for moral support. I've now been to two Zumba classes and I actually really love them. Chummy was a little shocked when I said I was annoyed that I couldn't make the Saturday class. Now I haven't been in the actual gym bit yet but I have to pop down there today to be shown how to use the equipment. Even if I just do two Zumba classes a week then I've already made my money back.

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