Friday, 15 July 2016

I Need A Break |

Hello lovelies,
Most of you will know that my blog is a Monday to Friday thing. I post every weekday and I love doing it. Saying that I know that the content I'm posting is a pretty poor standard, I don't like what I'm posting and I'm pretty sure you don't either. 

I'm thinking that maybe I'll go back to my old schedule, just for a little bit. I might go back to Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Life just seems so chaotic right now and I don't think its fair to be uploading content that I'm not proud of and that I know is of such a bad quality. I might just be having an off week and that may mean I just need a little break for a bit. This is only an idea but I just feel like I need some time for myself as well as my blog. As much as I love writing, this weeks it seemed like a chore. If I'm honest if been horrible this week, all because of one thing and I have let it make me so angry.

Anyway I think for a few weeks I just need to take a little step back from the blog, I'll still upload Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I just want to take a little break for me. I hope you all understand and when Im ready and in a bit go a brighter place I'll go back to my normal posting schedule.