Tuesday, 5 July 2016

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Hello lovelies, 
I may not be the prettiest button in the box but I wanted to do more beauty and make up posts. I used to hate make up but now, well now I love it. It gives me a little more confident and makes me feel pretty. Today I wanted to do a everyday make up routine for you. This is what I do for work and just popping to the shops. 

So First I start with the blank canvas which is pretty bad today. I'm not saying I'm a beauty queen normally, far from it. Its just when I took the photo for this I had a lot of spots. Therefore I had a lot more work to do.

I start my base which is my foundation. I use the maybelline dream satin liquid in shade 1, natural ivory. This has an SPF of 13 so it give a little bit of protection as well. Sometimes I think this is a little to dark for me but its the lightest shade they do. I use two pumps of this and then just dot it all over my face.

I then use my real techniques buffing brush to blend it all in. I do this for a few minutes until I'm happy that I have a good coverage for my base.

I then use my maybelline fit me concealer. This is the one I usually use but they didn't have the shade I needed. This is a little to dark for me but for now it will do. 

I use this to cover any spots, blemishes, the dark circles under my eyes and around my nose. I then use my real techniques contour brush. I don't contour and I find this brush is perfect for me concealer. I use the brush to gently dab the concealer and then buff it slightly. I don't want to drag it from the places that I've put it.

As you can see my power is running low, anyway I use the maybelline fit me powder in shade 220. I use my real techniques blush brush to apply it. Luckily I've got in the habit of putting it on, a few times forgetting it made me paranoid.

Eyeshadow next and I use the maybelline nudes palette. I cover my eyelids with this shade here. I dust that over it to make sure they are completely covered.

I then use this shade to just go in the outer corner crease of my eye. I then take my deluxe shadow brush and blend it in. 

My eyes feel naked without eyeliner now days. I like to do a thick eyeliner because I think it makes my eyes look just a little bit more defined and puts more focus on them. If I'm in a rush I'll leave it how it is but normally I add nice little flicks. Now its taken me months to get my flicks how I like them, even now there's a lot of eye make up remover and cotton buds to perfect them some days.

Now onto mascara. I've been using the rimmel volume colourist lash tint. I think its worked a little bit but I find this one applies pretty well. Sometimes I will use my lash sensational.

I add a little bit of my Ted Baker blusher to my cheeks, now normally I have natural redness to my cheeks because if I pick up a pace ever so slightly, well I turn the shade of a strawberry. 

I then go to my lips. I use the nivea milk and honey lip balm, I get quite dry lips so I use this to keep my lips from drying. I then use the Tanya Burr lip gloss in the shade aurora.

So that's my finished look. I wont be winning any prizes for make up or beauty but I like to think I make myself look slightly better than my non make up state. I did a little before and after picture. I love how a few months ago none of you even knew what I looked like, I never thought I would upload pictures of myself let alone ones with no make up. Anyway here's a before an after. I actually think make up thins my face out just a tad, not sure why. Well I hope you enjoyed that post. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more like this. 

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