Wednesday, 27 July 2016

19th Birthday |

Hello lovelies, 
Yesterday was my 19th birthday and I had the best day. I thought I would tell you all about the day and just document this little memory with you all. Now on Friday I will be doing a what I got for my birthday post, I just need to take pictures of everything.

I started the day by getting up super early to get ready for work. I did some pretty good wings and that put me in the best mood for the day. It was only my birthday, it was the day I finally got to see chummy again. Now after a nice little reunion in the middle of the supermarket me and chummy went and had some chummy time before work. It was just so nice to have my best friend back after such a bad weekend. My manager got me a card which had a cut little badge on it, the women I work with got me a present and I just felt so happy to have my partner in crumbs back with me.

Now work was actually so much fun, the time went so quickly and I got to spend my day with such a good bunch. Now after work I went home and got ready. Me, chummy and L had all planned to go gown the pub for a little drink and maybe some lunch. Spending a few hours with the two people I love the most what just what I needed. It was just so good to sit and chat for a few hours, time just the three of us. Me and chummy had planned a little snack for later in the evening, that meant we just had a light snack at the pub. 

Dinner was lovely but L went to the gym, that meant chummy time started again. That just meant the two of us laying on my bed watching TV. Now I also showed my mum the gifts chummy got me, now this will be a little sneak peak of what I got but I'm just to excited to wait. This is what chummy got me.......

We went out to get KFC and then came back to watch tattoo fixers. Now we actually missed most of it because L called because there was a massive spider in his room. I felt for the boy but it was just a little funny. 

Now I has the most wonderful day. it was so nice to have people around me to celebrate my birthday with me. That may have been a rather short post but on Friday I'll be showing you what I got for my birthday and I got some really wonderful gifts from people. 

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