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What Happened Last Week | June 6th-12th

Hello lovelies,
Last week I had a lovely week off work. Now I've waited a while for this week off and the closer it was getting, the more I realised I needed it. I don't know what it is but it just seems like work has just been getting worse, or I just feel like my patience has been getting thinner........unlike my waistline. So what did I do last week? Well I had the most amazing week with two of my favourite people. So sit back, relax and hopefully enjoy reading about my week.

Monday 6th |
Monday was the first day of my week off and I was rather excited for this. This was also the day that me and my best friend finally got to go home, or for the muggles out there who have no idea what that means. We got to go back to Hogwarts, yes the day had finally arrived that meant we were off to Harry Potter studios. I had the most amazing day, granted it ended in the most bizarre way. Now I wasn't going to tell you this, why? Well I feel like even though you are all aware of the odd situations I find myself in, well lets just say this was the most ridiculous thing that happened. 

Now this guy, we all know the story so lets just brush past this. Let's not actually, my best friends boyfriends best friend, all went out for the day, everyone picked up on some vibes, vibes clearly weren't there, messaged him, he ignored.....blah blah blah. Now anyone heard of nearby friends? On Facebook? Yes. Good. Now maybe this isn't the best thing for me and chummy, she noticed that her boyfriend and him were nearby and she thought maybe they were at the cinema a few feet away from us. Now a sane human wouldn't care, but this is me and chummy.

Well basically we were just curious, turns out they were at football. When we left, now this is vital for the story because a few seconds earlier or later. Well we couldn't have found ourselves in this situation. What happened I'm sure you're wondering? Well you lovely lot, we noticed some guys about to cross the road, these guys were in football you see where I'm going with this? Yep that's right, we had to let him cross the road. He saw us, we saw him, he looked at chummy, he looked at me........we all knew the awkward situation we were in. Yep so that happened. Honestly the situations we get ourselves into are just to unbelievable sometimes.

Tuesday 7th |
This was the day. The day we had been waiting for, yes it was the day of the finding Dory tsum tsum release in stores. We started our day with a nice breakfast then headed to the Disney store. I did a post about the tsum tsums on Wednesday so I'll just link that in the picture for you. Now after a nice day shopping me and chummy decided it was finally time to get an answer. We tweedled a message to chummys boyfriend. I didn't care that the answer was no, I just needed it to be like no just let it go. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, we finally got that answer. Of course it was a no but at least I have it now.

Wednesday 8th |
I didn't really have anything planned for Wednesday. I ended going out shopping again with chummy, we tried to s'mores frappuccino from Starbucks and my word, that tastes so delicious. What else did I do??? Oh I got two new matt lip glosses from superdrug, got the new Zoella body mist and I think that was about it to be honest. I realise that to you as the week goes on I have less and less to say about each day, that will change for Thursday I promise. Just remember that I also went out for a pub dinner with mum and dad, it was such a relaxed night.

Thursday 9th |
Even thought I had Potter on Monday, well this was my favourite day. Now if you read my blog daily, I know you don't but if you do then thank you very much. Now for those of you who don't want to go back to the last post, well here's what happened. On Wednesday in the evening chummy said that we were going to see L on Thursday. That put me in the best mood, I don't see him that much. To him I probably see him a lot but with people I get on with, I like to see them quite a bit......sorry about that. Now we all went shopping after the gym, him not me. Can you imagine me at a gym? Let's not even let my mind go there. 

Now we didn't get much when we were out, I got a new book. If I'm honest I fell in love with the cover, I know you shouldn't judge a book by that but it is stunning. Its just a bonus that after reading the blurb, I fell in love with the idea of it. Its called beautiful broken things. Ohhh I also ordered L a late birthday present. He said he didn't want anything and I felt really guilty, I got him a card but I wanted to find him something I know he really wanted. Luckily for me he found a book that he really wanted, the cover looked stunning so I ordered that for him. 

After that we headed back home, stopped off to get some snacks, managed to lose a twenty year old in a supermarket and then headed back to chummys. We had the most perfect night, sitting in her garden with a few drinks and just having a good chat. This was the highlight of the week, I got to send the night with two of the most special and down to earth humans. If you want to see more about that then please click the picture below.

Friday 10th | 
I had a very relaxed day on Friday. I basically spent the whole day in pyjamas watching once upon a time. I managed to finish series 2 and now I'm a few episodes into series 3. Oh I popped out to get wrapping paper and bows for L's book, got the new Tom Odell album and a card for the women at works birthday. Oh I also saw my aunt, that was about it for the day I think.

Saturday 11th |
We had been planning a night out for a while. In fact me, chummy and the guy from work had been planning this for a while. He said he was still up for it but after messaging him a few times, having no reply we finally got the hint that he just didn't want to come. Like I don't care if you don't want to come out, that's fine but at least tell us. Anyway I spent most of the day getting ready and then went to chummys at about 4:30pm. When I got there I was also told that L was coming round, he wasn't drinking or coming out clubbing but it was nice to see him. Now because I hadn't eaten much I got drunk a lot quicker. That meant round chummys I was already drunk, sorry guys. I also fell in love with her cat. She has three but this one actually let me stroke him and cuddle him. Now unfortunately my allergies didn't like him as much, oh well I still continued to cuddle him. 

It was fun when we went out but I found myself having little mini panic attack, I must have looked quite calm on the outside but I was so scared. I just felt really vulnerable and just a bit out of place. Ohh the guy, no not the d*ck that's been on my mind last week, the one I got the no from, the guy. My entire world. Well I added him on Facebook (I do silly things while drunk okay), like I added him on the way to the station and when we got to the club I got a little notification that said he accepted. I know I said oh I'm over him, yeah that's true in the sense that I know nothing will ever happen. Of course I know that but for me he was it. Yeah we didn't have a relationship but I know what I felt for him and well, that's what everyone else is following. No one will come close to him and I know that, I'm just so happy that I have this connection with him now. Like he used to be my entire world and I've missed him, I think chummy is worried that all these feelings will come back, chummy they never really left. They just sort of settled, like I'm not delusional I know this doesn't mean we'll run off into the sunset and live happily ever after. 

I'm so happy that he is settled and in love, its just so nice to have that little connection with him now. This is someone who knew every little detail about me, knew my dreams and my plans and the one person who believe in me. I'm in such a little happy place because of that, so not that you'll read this but you have made me feel so happy. The happiness I got everyday just seeing that smile, I haven't been this genuinely happy in months and as terrible as it is. You will always be my one pure source of happiness. Also chummy I know I've been really happy lately but its like an all consuming happiness that I've just missed a little. Like yes I've been super happy when we go on our crazy little adventures don't worry. You and L are now my new source of all consuming happiness, its just nice to be taken back to that time if that makes sense.

Sunday 12th |
I spent my Sunday laying in bed watching once upon a time and then the other half of my day writing. I've got back my little passion when over the last few months my minds been so focused on someone that I've lost the drive for the thing I love in life. Yesterday made me realise that this guy from the bowling/shopping trip was nothing in comparison. I know who I'm looking for in life and until I meet that person who comes as close to the first guy, well I'm just going to let life take me on this little adventure. He appeared out of the blue and it was the most amazing time. All these little distractions that I've been using to try and cover that I'm still a little numb from that, turns out I just needed to know that I still had that little connection to finally realise that its okay. Its okay for me to just take my time in life, why rush something when maybe life just waiting for me to stumble across someone who will end up being my entire world again.

So that's what happened last week. I hope you enjoyed reading that extremely long post.

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