Monday, 20 June 2016

What Happened Last Week | June 13th-19th

Hello lovelies,
The last week was going very quickly and then the weekend dragged. I'm writing this on Sunday and I am so tired right now, sorry in advance if none of the post makes sense. I'm typing with very sleepy eyes, like in drifting of to sleep as we speak.

Monday 13th |
I had the day off on Monday and I basically spent the day watching once upon a time. I did a little bit of writing and I also got very far in my new book, beautiful broken things. I forgot how much I loved a nightly read. Now I just had my candled burning, some instrumental music playing and read for a few hours before bed. It set me up for the most perfect nights sleep.

Tuesday 14th |
Like most weeks I had work from 4pm, it was a pretty good shift. A chummy chumster shift. I spent the time before work watching once upon a time, doing a little bit of reading and just getting ready for work. I hadn't seen chumster for a while so a nice little catch up with him was needed. The woman at work told me that her son was selling kittens, I fell in love with one and got the okay from mum. She then rang work to tell me that he had sold her, the kitten not my mother. Now I was a little heartbroken but its for the best. I'm allergic to cats anyway and money wise it was a bad move.

Wednesday 15th |
I had the day off work and I spent the day snuggled in bed catching up on some shows, more reading and then I got started on tidying my room. In the evening I wasn't in the best mood but I found myself buying some new bits but it was all really cheap. I've wanted to get a cork board for a while, I want to pin all my photos on it and maybe pop some fairy lights on it. Now I will be doing a little post about this when it all arrives. I got myself the cork board, some really cute draw pins for it and then I ordered 25 Polaroid's online. I was so happy with this, they were only £7.70 for all of them and it was free delivery. Like I went through and picked out all my pictures of me and chummy, our pictures with L and a cute little picture of me and my little cousin. I cant wait to get started on it.

Thursday 16th |
Another evening at work and the day was a bit weird for me. Like I found myself in tears in the afternoon but its all fine now. I went into work and just had a quiet night to be honest. I ended my shift and then me and chummy went and got McDonald's. It was nice to use spend some time after work talking to my favourite human.

Friday 17th |
For once I had a 10-2 shift. That's very rare for me now, normally I'm stuck on the lates. Now it was nice to see the day people, there's one woman that I never get to see because our shifts don't fall together so it was nice to see her. Unfortunately for me my manager asked what I had planned for Saturday. Now at work the weekend was going to be super busy, I had the Saturday off but she wanted me in work. The Saturday I had off was now an 8-12 shift. Now I made sure she did it on my terms, I didn't have to see customers, I wanted to be kept out the back plating up the food and she got me wine gums. All of those were agreed. 

Saturday 18th |
I had to wake up super early to get ready for work. Went to work, had some breakfast before my shift and then started work. I felt so sick, I had the worst headache, my arm and shoulder was killing me and I just felt really fed up. Luckily for me I finished at 12 so I that meant I could just go home and watch orange is the new black. Chummy was going to come round but the plans got changed. Instead I just had a night where I ended up feeling so ill. I got that bad that I thought I was going to have to call in sick for work the next day. Anyway I ended up sleeping from about 8 so that was much needed.

Sunday 19th |
Got up for work and that was the day I was working from 10-5. Now I know other people work from 8-5 but they get an hour and a half break, I only get 15 minutes for that shift. Now it was manic at work. Me and my chumster were serving the food, now I was sweating. I felt really ill and I thought I was going to throw up at some point. Luckily for me my chumster was very good, we tag teamed a few meals and he was like no I'll do this one. Now luckily for me the cook saw how ill I was and took me away from that to do another little job which meant I got to stand in the cool. I was then moved to plate up and I got my chumster to feed me wine gums before he went home. He's a good egg that one. 

Now I was going to go for my break, I just took a meal out before that. When I turned around to go back I saw L. A face that I've wanted to see for ages, now he was there buying his mum flowers, I said he could use my discount card but he had already paid. He could have just got them and went home but it made me so happy that he came over to see me. 

Now I had his birthday present in my locker, he wanted this book and I got it for him. He was like I'm sorry you're having a sh*t day at work. Just seeing one of my favourite people was the perfect little pick me up. I literally ran out for my break, when I came back my manager was like you seem much happier, you ran out the department. Of course I was. I was having the day from hell at work and then I got to see the one person I wanted to see. Like I didn't care about seeing anyone else that day, I just wanted to see him because I knew I needed to be cheered up. The evening? Well that was pretty average. I did some writing, saw my little cousin and found myself getting very annoyed about little things.

I'm just happy that I got through that weekend. I felt so ill all weekend and I still managed to work both days, I got to see my favourite human and had a night of listening to coldplay on shuffle.

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