Monday, 6 June 2016

What Happened Last Week | 30th May - 5th June

Hello lovelies,
This week marks the start of 8 days off work. This is a well needed break from my job, everything has just been getting to me lately so while you read this I'll be getting ready to go to Harry potter studios. Now last week wasn't the best. Stuff happened that threw my mind into panic mode, thinking about it now....well maybe I should have just let it all go over my head. So lets see what happened last week, grab a cup of tea and some biscuits.....this is a long one.

Monday |
It was a bank holiday so that most of the family were off work. I also had that day off so I had a relaxed writing day. My aunt and uncle were also down visiting so we went to my aunts house (Who leaves near us. The other aunt and uncle were staying with them) to see them. It was so nice to see them both, I don't get to see them often but they are the funniest people and they just have so much love for all of us. It was nice catching up with them, telling them what I'd been up to. I was having such a lovely day. I even started once upon a time. My god, I'm obsessed with it now. 

Anyway half way through writing my phone buzzed. I checked and it was a notification from Facebook. The guy I added a good two months ago finally accepted my friend request. Now if you read last weeks post, you'll know the story about this guy. Anyway of course I went straight to chummy with it. It was like my mind just blocked everything. I found myself stuck with what to do, my focus had shifted and I was just full of questions. Anyway me and chummy were just so shocked, like its a little thing but why after all this time? Anyway after spending several hours feeling a bit confused, I crashed out and ended up sleeping for about 10 hours. Ohhh and I also order Russell Howard tickets.

Tuesday |
I spent most of the day watching once upon a time and then sadly I had to go into work. Now when I got in, I went to do a bin run with chummy. I just needed to talk. She's like my only sanity and knows what to say and effectively like my own little Jiminy cricket. When I came back I looked over to look at mine and chumsters little egg family, it was gone. Its a little thing but me and him like to have them there. Its a little bit of fun that we both like to get us through a shift. My manager had thrown them all away, I just went quiet for a bit. My mind was still so confused about the guy stuff and this just put me in a worse mood. Work was alright but it wasn't anything to get excited about. I spent the rest of the night watching one upon a time and just cuddling all my Disney teddies.

Wednesday |
I had another day off and once again I spent my day watching once upon a time. I didn't really do anything else to be honest. Oh I noticed that my blog had started showing an error image all over my blog. Like it was behind text and it was so annoying. I tried to fix it but I had no luck. That was honestly I all I did on Wednesday, I know that's not rally exciting but I don't like the most fun life.

Thursday |
All this guy stuff had really been playing on my mind, it was just getting to me and I had been pretty miserable for most of the week. I had work at 4:30 and I was dreading the shift. When I got in I found a little gift bag on the side and a card. Now my manager was excited for me to open it. Chummy had rushed in to beat me to work and left me a little present. She got me the squishy tsum tsums and my favourite biscuits. Also a really lovely card. It was the perfect little pick me up.

Chummy knows what had been going on in my head and I think she just wanted to put a little smile on my face. Anyway there were only two of us on the close, my manager made me cook for the whole night and was a little shocked that I could do it, she offered to day and help but she had been in since 9am so it was unfair to expect her to stay until 8:30. Now I also wanted to prove to her that I could cope on my own. Im in the mind that when she can see that I'm find on my own, if hours ever become available she may make me full time. Well thats what I'm hoping.. She knows I can but hasn't seen me do it before. On my break I posted on Facebook saying how after feeling crap all week my best friend managed to cheer me up. Now when I got out of work I looked at my phone to see that L had messaged me. Now sometimes I worry that he's only friends with me to keep chummy happy, this just proved that he is a friend because he genuinely cares. This was the best advice I could have been given so thank you L for making sure I was okay, you don't know how much that means to me.

Friday |
Another day off and I spent my whole day watching once upon a time and just taking some well earned me time. Now it got to about 6 and chummy messaged me seeing if I wanted to go out clubbing. I wont lie to you, I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay home but another part of me wanted to go out and just have a night where I could just let all the stresses be washed away with a few vodka red bulls. I ended up going out clubbing and I actually had a pretty good time. I spent the day trying to fix my blog but it was a coding error. I didn't know how to fix that so had a re-deisgn of the blog.

Now on the way home chummy may have suggesting messaging this guy from her phone. I may have agreed not that I remember. Now this is her boyfriend best friend. We thought that because of that, well surely he wouldn't be that rude and would have replied. Now he saw it and ignored it. Like we just don't get it, like I don't care what the reason was but it would be nice to get that definite no for my own piece of mind. 

Saturday |
After drinking far to much on Friday night, I was actually okay. Not hungover but I did have work at 2. I got into work to be told by my manager that I was cooking all shift. I was okay with this because that meant I didn't have to see customers. Now someone kept on asking me what they'd done wrong. I'm not going to be the horrible person that tells them why I'm annoyed, I also feel like I cant be sad. Like chummy gets it and lets me just have my Eeyore days but its like everyone else experts me to be on a hype all the time. 

Anyway after work I went home, snuggled into bed, lit a candle and watched some Disney life. Oh yes that happened some point during the week. Me and chummy got DisneyLife. We go half each on it so its £5 per month each, we also get 10% off at the disney store. Our names on the account are now tweedledee and tweedledum. I was so tired because of the night before. I watched lilo and stitched, cried at that for a bit then must have fallen asleep at like 9ish.

Sunday |
My last day in hell before my week off. The rest of the week had been awful and this shift wasn't going to solve the issues of the week. I was staring at 1 but went in early to have some chummy time before my shift. Now we didn't have the good cook that we love on Sundays and I didn't have my chumster. Sundays just aren't the same without them. Luckily I had my chummy by my side the whole shift, just counting down the hours until we got to escape. Now it was also a bit of a sad day because one of the women we work with is moving department. This was her last shift in ours and even though she's moving department, I'm gonna miss her like mad. Shes one of my favourite people to work with and Sundays just aren't going to be the same without her. 

My evening was spent getting ready for Mondays little chummy adventure and writing. I somehow managed to delete my blog post so that meant I had to re-write this whole post. Im very much done with this entire week.

Anyway that's what happened last week. This week should be so much better, nothing will changed with this guy situation but I nee dot focus on have a blog week and just take some time out to just be me for a while.

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