Friday, 24 June 2016

Somewhere Only We Know | Why It Means So Much

Hello lovelies,
I talk about my favourite song an awful lot. I tweet about it, mention it in my posts and I think I've told you once but obviously I wouldn't have gone into that much detail. Somewhere only we know by Keane has been my favourite song since I was about 7 and its has never changed.

In my house I've grown up around music, mainly things like fleetwood mac but my dad would always be playing his guitar so I've always been so facisnated by music. When I was about 7 my dad got the chords to somewhere only we know. He learnt it and asked me to sing it while he played. Now I was a very shy little child and even though I was with my dad it make me nervous. Now luckily the man knows the way to my heart and paid me in freddo frogs. It was such a little thing but its one of my clearest memories. Me and my dad sitting side by side, me singing and him playing his guitar.

That was the age where I saw music as more than sound, I properly heard it. I listened to the lyrics instead of the tune. The lyrics to this song are ones that will stay with me forever and every single time I hear it it takes me back to that moment. Now some songs I've loved in the past but they've been played in a certain situation thats ruined the song for me, a lukas graham one I loved was ruined because it reminded me of a day I'd rather forget. An ed sheeran song reminds me of my old job because I used to listen to it every morning on the way to work.

I love that even after near 12 years this song has been the one thats stayed with me, the memory has never changed and my love for the lyrics just grows each time I hear them. I was listening to it last night and for some reason I burst into tears. Not sure why but a mix of hormones a a very sh*tty day wednesday, well it just got to me. Partically "Oh simple thing where have you gone?", why? Because our family used to be so simple. Continuous love and support but its so broken now that I cant even use the stitch line, the its broken but still good. Its not good. We have somehow let one person single handedly ruin our happy little family. 

I guess this song is now just a little wish for me know, wanting things to be how they were when I was little. When life was simpler, the world didnt seem as scary. Where my only worry was getting a duplicate in a happy meal, not worrying about relationships and wondering will I ever be good enough. Sometimes I just want to be that little 7 year old again, sat on the couch with her dad playing her favourite song. Letting the lyrics absorb into my heart and mind and letting it just become a part of me. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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