Saturday, 4 June 2016

Professional Daydreamer | A New Look

Hello lovelies,
Some of you may have noticed that this week my blog has been having a few issues. I tried for days to try and sort the problem but I think it was a coding error. I can't do coding to save my life, so sadly I had to say goodbye to my old blog layout.

Now most of you will remember my old layout. It looked a little like this but without all the coding errors. Just imagine that the annoying pictures aren't on the page. Now I've had this design for nearly two years. Id been thinking about changing it but this little error made me take the plunge.

As you can all see from the design now, it is complete different. I spent a whole day looking for the perfect design. I saw some that looked more professional but I still wanted it to feel like my blog. I didn't want to take away the me-ness from professional daydreamer. I'm really loving the fresh look, the blues and the pinks give it a much brighter feel and I love how its more simplistic now. I had a lot going on, on the last layout. So if you're viewing on your phone, this is what the new layout looks like.

So as you can see it is completely different now. I really love it for a few reasons. The first is that I love the colour combinations on this design. I think it makes it look so fresh and new. I also love this shade of blue. The page titles are actually in the middle this time. I love the new social media icons, the profile picture and the font. 

This is only a really quick post to let you know that I've re-designed the blog. Obviously you can all see that, I just wanted to let you all know why. I found this design on etsy, they do some really cheap blog templates on there so if you want to give your site a new look, just have a little look on there.

Well enjoy having a little look around the new professional daydreamer. I hope you grow to love it just as much as me.

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