Friday, 10 June 2016

One Day Like This A Year |

Hello lovelies,  
Yesterday I had the most perfect day with my two favourite people. The last few weeks haven't been the best but the time I had with them today makes me feel so content with life. 

Now I've had the week off work and even though I've been out and done stuff this week, well yesterday was just so perfect. I know this won't really interest any of you but this is something that's put me in such a great mood. These are people who only a year and a bit ago were complete strangers to me, that's only chummy. L was a complete stranger to me up until January and now he is one of the most important people in my world.

We went out shopping and I got nice new book that looks like its going to be amazing. Now we were going to go out to have a nice little pub lunch/dinner. Luckily we decided that it would be better to just go back to chummys. I love going round her house because her whole family is just so welcoming, you genuinely are made to feel like part of their family and that's just so nice. Now we stopped off at work to pick up some supplies for the evening, that basically meant a few sweet treats and some chicken tikka pasties. Oh and alcohol of course. After losing L in there and then finding him, then losing chummy we headed back to hers.

L went home for a bit and then came round later. Now we were sat outside in the gorgeous sunshine. Now earlier in the day it seemed like we weren't going to get to see that at all, luckily for us we had the most perfect weather. Chummy made up some pimms, not a big fan but it made for a cute little instagram picture. I had a cider and just soaked up the sun before L arrived.

When he arrived we all just chilled out in the garden and spent the evening have very good chats and a good giggle. We were also joined by chummys mum, I know her from work as well. Now the minute I finished my cider she took the bottle and replaced it with a new one. Now that to me is perfect hosting, she knows I like a nice drink. Now it was nice to spend the evening surrounded by the two people who have grown to mean the world to me. It seems so silly and if chummy reads this she will have a good giggle. Now I just took a minute to let in sink in that I have them, like I looked at L and chummy and just saw smiles that fill me with so much happiness. I can't imagine not being friends with them and that scares me. These are people that I haven't had in my life for long and they have already proved that they are much more precious to me than some of my family. 

Now something I found sweet was that L had actually listened to something I told him. I said to chummy that I had lots to do the next day and he wondered what. Chummy went inside for a bit to get changed, we chatted about it and he said "What have you got writing to do? You know for your blog?". Now I've mentioned it to him once but I didn't think he was actually listening. Then he was saying well its every Monday isn't it, like your what happened last week thing. Now I was curious and slightly worried that he'd stalked and found but he said that he looked on my phone when I was writing it the other day. We then had a little chat about how many times I actually upload. It was nice to have blog chat with him, even though I feel its something he doesn't really understand, he still showed an interested because its something I love.

So chummy, thanks. I know I say it a lot but you have become someone that I just adore. Who'd have thought a year ago that we would now be best friends. I'm glad we had that wand chat, this perfect little friendship blossomed from there and that you for being with me on my crazy little journey through life. I know you'll be with me for a while. You're stuck with me now. 

And L, well you are a little mystery to me. Someone who I didn't even know six months ago. You've also become someone that I adore. Your friendship means the world to me, guys haven't really seemed reliable and as we both know.....well most of the guys I get to know have turned out to be utter d*cks. You on the other hand? Well you just keep on proving to me how good a friend you are and I couldn't imagine my life without you now. 

Today was a perfect day. One day like this a year would see me right. No matter how tough times get, days like these will always pick me up, much like a big hug. Sometimes I need this to make me feel alright again. 

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