Thursday, 30 June 2016

Monthly Favourites | June 2016

Hello lovelies,
For some reason it feels like June has taken ages to get through. Its over now but I'm happy that the pace of life just slowed down a little this month. Its like I've finally been able to just let life happen and enjoy the little moments with the people who matter most.

Beauty |

This month my favourite beauty product has been my eyeliner again. I think it makes my eyes a lot more defined and I really love getting the perfect flick. A year ago I wouldn't have touched eyeliner but now its part of my daily make up routine.

Lush |

I haven't been using my lush as much this month. I just haven't really wanted to use any of the products, I like to be completely relaxed when I have a lush bath but I just wanted to get in and get out. I did use my king of skin bar and that made my skin feel really moisturised and healthy after I used it. It also has the loveliest smell to it.

TV show |

Orange is the new black is back. We all know I'm a very big fan of the show and it was brilliant. Yes I've watched the whole of series 4 already, I was just very disappointed with the ending. I think they should have made episode 12 the last but instead its been left on a massive cliff hanger.

Film |

I finally watched the good dinosaur this month. It was a film that I've been wanting to watch for ages now and it was just so good.

Youtuber |
I've been loving Giovanna Fletcher again. Its becoming clear to me now that my favourites just flutter between three. Now this month I've been loving Giovanna because I just love how it feels so relaxed. It just feels like your listening to a friend chatting to you and I love how she comes across in her videos.

Giovanna Fletcher |
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Book |

I've got back into reading this month and I've been loving the book I'm reading now. Its called beautiful broken things, its all about female friendship and I think its going to be one of my favourites.

Song |

This month Ive been in fleetwood mac mode. I've grown up listening to their music because my dad is a massive fan, now I used to just listen to rumours but I've been listing to all the albums. I have two favourites that are seven wonders and gypsy. I really want you all to go and listen to these songs, they are just so good and I'm now a little obsessed. Also I'm becoming slowly obsessed with dressing in a Stevie Nicks way, not sure why but I love her outfits.

Moment |
Watching my little cousin at her sports day. There have been so many good moments of this month, one of which was spending the evening with my two favourite people but this beat that for me. Yes I loved the time I spent with them but this was such a proud moment that it had to come first. Seeing her little smile when she realised her team won, well it was so precious that it was the highlight. there's nothing more special than seeing the happiness she had, that made me so proud of her.

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