Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Finding Dory Tsum Tsums |

Hello lovelies,
Some of you may have seen from my tweet yesterday, I managed to get all the finding dory tsum tsum. This made me so happy so I will be sharing them all with you. Now just a quick little message on here. apart from the blog, I'm keeping off my social media this week. I just feel like I need a little break from it. I'm fine, I got an answer I knew and that's fine. I guess I just don't want to see posts about how loved up people are on twitter and facebook. I hope you all understand.

So because I have the week off, I made sure that I was at the Disney store for the open. There was already a little queue outside. Now when the opened the shop they told us that they only had 7 of the 9. When we went in, they said if we were there for the finding dory tsum tsums, we had to go to the till and tell them what once we wanted. Now by the time I got to the till they only had 6 of the 7. I got all of them them of course Here are the ones I got from Disney store.

Now because I haven't seen the film I don't really want to comment on the characters because I feel like I have better opinions on the tsum tsums when I've actually seen the film. 

Hank |

Marlin |

Crush |

Baby otter |

Mr.Ray |

Dory |

Now I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get the whole collection, even more sad that I couldn't get Nemo. Luckily I went to Clinton's. I ran like a child when I saw that they had finding Dory tsum tsums. Now a stroke of lucky meant that they had the ones I couldn't get.

Nemo |

Destiny |

Bailey |

So that's all the finding dory collection. I'm aware that this post was so short and for that I'm sorry. I spent most of my night preoccupied and for once I don't think you need to know why. Its nothing to worry about, I'm just very much done with the situation now. Anyway I just wanted wanted to get to bed but I wanted to write this post before I went into a very long sleep. I'll see you lovely lot tomorrow for another post.

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