Thursday, 23 June 2016

Driving | Update

Hello lovelies,
Now if you been with the blog for a while then you'll all know the driving situation. Basically I've been on and off learning to drive for the last two years.

I'm happy driving but the idea of having someone there judging my every move really makes me nervous, that means that I dread each lesson I have. Now after much discussion in my head I've decided that I just need to do intensive.

I know intensive doesn't work for some people but I feel like it's my best chance. Even if I don't pass first time, well I'll be close enough to passing that I'll have the confidence.

Why after all this time? Well both my friends can drive. Yes both meaning two, I like the small group of people I have. Now they both drive and both have cars. That means they have their freedom. For me that would mean the world, being able to just go out on my own without having to worry about people needing to drop me places. Also I do enjoy driving. It's not that I don't like it, I can drive, not brilliantly but quite well. I just need more practice and to actually pass my test.

I won't be doing intensive yet but I'm going to book it soon, for later in the year. My dads going to lend me the money and I'll just pay him back as quickly as I can. Anyway by the end of this year I hope to be telling you all that I've either passed or am very nearly there.

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