Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Cork board | Little DIY*

Hello lovelies,
I have so many cute photos of me and chummy and me, chummy and L. Now they are all stored on my phone and as much as I like that, well I love having photos to display. Now I have wanted to get a cork board for a while, just for things like concert tickets and bits like that. Now mine isn't the best but heres a little post about how I made mine.

First of all I wanted polaroids to put on the cork board. Now I wanted to get a polaroid camera but the film for them is just so expensive. Also I like to get my pictures perfect, I just don't think you can get perfect pictures every time with those cameras. I searched around for the best website and found the cheerz was the cheapest and most user friendly. I got 25 pictures for £7.70 and it was free delivery. They were really quick to arrive as well. This is what they look like when you get them.

Now obviously the pictures weren't blurred out, I've had to do that for privacy reasons. Chummy doesn't mind but I've had to blur out L anyway. I mean he knows about my blog and is cool with it, I just don't think he would like the idea of me posting pictures of him online. Now I stupidly ordered a few of the same but its okay because I didn't miss any out.

Now I got my cork board from amazon. It is 600mm by 400mm if I remember correctly. They are super cheap and if you want to get one then just click here. Now I also got some really cure little push pins that were pastel metallic colours. They were really cheap on eBay so have a look on there for some cute ones. Now it was time to try and arrange all my pictures how I wanted them.

 I tried the scattered look but I didn't really like it. I don't know why but it looked like an organised scatter, I know that sounds odd but if it was scattered then I wanted it to look like they had been added over time and this little look just wasn't cutting it.

Now even though my room is a mess, things scattered all over my room like lums on Rayman (Anyone remember that game, great escape 2??? Let me know in the comments. Thats a bloody good game). Sorry I got a bit lost in thought there, anyway I opted to organise the photos and my busted and harry potter ticket. Now I wanted adele on there to but the adele ticket has its own frame with some confetti and two of my favourite pictures in it. Now I still wants 100% happy with the frame like this, I just think I needed something more.

Apparently that something more was the confetti from adele that I had. Now I did put draw pins through them, oh no. They are far to precious to ruin. Instead I just popped little blue tac on that back of them and dotted them around.

This is what the finished frame looks like. Remember that the photos aren't blurred but for the purpose of privacy they have to be on here, although I will say that you would adore chummy and L. Like they are miles better looking than me but for now they stay as mine. You know a lot about me but seeing my best friends and family is just a little to much for now. Ohhh and chummy if you read this, you are of course my best friend but I class lawson as one as well. Mainly because out of the two male friends I have, well he soars above the other making him the best out of the two haha.

To you this may just look like a chummy and L shrine. Thats hidden away haha, joking of course!!!! Or am I? Definitely joking but this makes me so happy. Over the last few months I have made so many amazing memories with there two humans and they have become people that I just have so much love for. If you can then get yourself a chummy, they are amazing, funny, caring and basically free therapists as well haha. Also get yourself an L. As male friend's go he is the best. Such a funny, caring, kind and truthful human. The most important, he tells it how it is. They are both the most protective humans and last week showed me that. 

Thanks guys for being the two people who make my world that little bit brighter and being my little pick me ups, love you loads.

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