Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Baking cupboard |

Hello lovelies,
Its been a long time since I did a baking post. My kitchen is almost done, that means that soon I'll be able to start my baking blog posts again. I was rather excited last week because I finally got to unpack all my baking equipment. It seems like a silly little thing but for me this was so exciting.

So all my baking bits and bobs have been stored away in this cardboard box for a good few months now. It was nice to finally start unpacking all of it. Now that the kitchen has been fitted, my baking storage space has been doubled and that means I have a lot more space to fill with new bits and pieces.

So in the top left I have all my flours and icing sugars. Because it always ends up going everywhere,  I decided to get these containers for my flour. I have them all labelled on the top so I have my self raising flour, plain, bread, icing sugar and caster. In the half of the cupboard I also keep my piping nozzles, my salted caramel sauces and my icing tools. I had my oven glove in there but now my dad got a nice little hook for it, it now hangs of the cupboard door and that pleases me an awful lot.

In the top right hand of my cupboard I have my muscavado's sugars, some more flours and I also keep my spices in the corner. I keep a pack of ready roll white icing in here, my cupcake cases, sprinkles, colourings. I have my baking powders, my flavourings and my measuring spoons.

 In the bottom right I keep some of my baking trays, my muffin tins and some of my silicone baker. I also keep my little lunch box in here. I also have my measuring jug and and lemon juice squeezer.

In the bottom left I have my cupcake carrier. My little ceramic dish, my cake pop mould and some silicone trays. One of them is my silicone button mould and the other is my stencils for cheesecakes. 

Now for most of you that wont have been a very interesting post, but for me this is so exciting. It means that soon I can finally get back to baking. I will be adding to this in a few weeks, I have a lot of things in mind for my baking and I will obviously be doing a nice little haul for all of you.

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