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A Magical Day | Harry Potter Studios

Hello lovelies,
If you follow me on snapchat then you may be aware that yesterday I got to spend the day running around the Harry Potter studios. If you've been following my blog from the start, you'll know that I went about a year and a half ago. This time I got to go with my best friend, aka chummy. Its safe to say that I had a much better time. Now even though the first visit will always be special, it was so much better because I got to share the experience with a fellow potter fan. If you want to see a detailed look at everything at the studios then click here to see my last post.

Now we were desperate to go and see the Hogwarts express and we also saw that they were letting you look inside privet drive. Now we couldn't resist and because we had the week off, we knew we needed to get back home. Our slot was at 3pm, now chummy hadn't driven on the motorway before and we wanted to get there early. We left at 12pm and its a good job we did. Her satnav decided that the studios wasn't a real place so wouldn't let us get there. That meant I ended up being the satnav.......Yeah that didn't go to well. We didn't get lost but we almost did several times. Luckily we made it there okay, had some snacks to calm ourselves down and then went in to look at the gift shop before going on the tour.

Since last time they have made the security a lot better. They now do bag searches and body scans. That's fine but my bag was packed full, now not exciting stuff or dangerous stuff. No. The person search my bag had to look through towels, tampons and make up......tad embarrassing. When we went in they had a big sign for the privet drive event that was taking place. The minute I walked in there I felt so excited, even though I'd been before it still felt so magical to be back there.

Before we went to get in line, we headed into the gift shop to see what we might be wanting at the end. Now last time I was there I spent £100. Now I was determined not to do that this time, I saw a few bits that I liked but nothing was really grabbing. Unfortunately we went on the day when apparently every school trip was going on. Kids are great but not when they are all standing in front of the chocolate frogs and fudge flies, like move out of my way and go and find an adult. Now in there they had the trip wizard cup......Now this would actually make a pretty decent wine glass so the temptation was very strong.

We queued up for a bit waiting to go into the main attraction. Now most of you know that I will be telling you what goes on, so spoiler alert coming up. Now the first part you get taken into a little dark room with 8 screens. When you get into this room aim for the door on your left and get to the front if you can. In this room you see posters for the film and then the guide chats to you for a few minutes. You cant film in this room so that's why there are no photos. Next part you get put into a cinema room, now we got front row seats which I love but chummy wasn't to fussed. After watching a little clip the screen comes up to reveal the door the the great hall. At that point I felt so magical, seeing those doors makes it all real for me. 

We then got taken into the great hall and at that point it feels like you are into the wizarding world. Seeing the great hall in person is such a great experience, go course I went to my hufflepuff crew.......Christ did those words actually just come out of my mouth. I don't know my homies? Anyway my hufflepuff pride was high. This time they also had the sorting hat in the middle, I don't think it was there last time. 

We kept on seeing people with little stamp passports. Now we didn't know where to get them but last time I went I didn't do it. This time I really wanted to but because I get very socially anxious, well I didn't want to ask. Me and chummy were desperate to get them and after standing staring at the tour guides for a while, hands getting clammy and hearts racing........chummy went and asked. Now I know she really didn't want to, I know how I felt at the thought of asking so well done chummy. You got this adult sh*t going on well. Better than me anyway. Now that we had our little passports we could go and get all our stamps.

For me the one thing I wanted to make sure I saw properly was the potions class. I felt a little sad when I saw it, Snape was my favourite character and its so upsetting that the man that portrayed him passed away. We haven't watched the films since but it was so nice to see the costume of the character I have so much love for.

They also had the privet drive door. Now they did a little section where they showed you all the letters shooting out of the letter box. Now whats even more exciting is that they let you take a letter. So after many years, after patiently waiting........guys I'm going to Hogwarts. I finally got my letter. They also let you take a 15 year anniversary badge.

The next section had changed a bit, now last time I visited they one had a little bit of the dark arts. Now this time they had a little dark arts section and it made me so happy. I was a little annoyed though because they had made umbridges office just a little section when it used to be the whole set. 

After little toilet break to pull my tights up, honestly me and tights do not go well. Chunky thighs and tights that fit in all the wrong places are not one to wear on a day out. We went to the next section, now I didn't realise but it had led us to platform 9 and 3/4. The magic became even more real as we stepped onto the platform, saw the sign and got to see the Hogwarts express in person for the first time. In this section there was a cute little gift shop that sold all the Hogwarts express bits and bobs. They had a section where you could sit in the booths of the train and get a photo but I didn't do that which now I feel a bit bad for. I think chummy really wanted to do it, I just don't like attention on me so the idea of sitting infant of a stranger having them film me made me so anxious. You got to walk through the train and my god, its tiny inside. It felt a little claustrophobic in there but it was so nice to see the train up close. 

After this phenomenal section we headed into the middle. Now this is where privet drive is, the night bus, the bridge and you can get something to eat and drink here. Chummy got a butter beer ice cream, I didn't want anything because last time I went I didn't really like the butter beer. The ice cream was new though, the people serving must have thought we were a cute couple so she gave chummy two spoons. Again not lesbians, granted its questionable at times with the things we say but definitely straight, for any nice men out there haha. Now I had a little bit of chummy's ice cream and it was so good. It basically tasted like toffee. We then queued up to look inside privet drive, after we took a nice little stroll over the bridge and then went to see if we could get photos in the car. Luckily a lovely lady offered to take a picture of both of us in it, that's now a nice little picture that I'll be adding to my scrapbook. 

In the next section I headed to the toilets again to pull up the tights. Honestly I wont be wearing those ones again. We got to look round all the make up area where they have some amazing pieces. After that we took a lovely stroll through Diagon ally. I always feel so magical when there. Because you get to walk through the set, its like you are actually there. There was then the area where they show you the drawings and card constructions of the sets.

Onto the last section now. The most special place to me, the castle. This is the most impressive part for me. Its such a beautiful work of art and this time I got lots of selfies with the castle, I wont bore you with them because you don't want over 100 photos of my ugly mug. Now I got some nice pictures with chummy and some lovely shots of the castle. After that you go through Olivanders where you see hundreds of wand boxes, each with a name of someone who worked on the films. 

We went in the gift shop and surprisingly I didn't get anything. There was a little golden snitch necklace that I had my eye on, I didn't get it because I didn't think I would wear it. I only wear one necklace and that's my wishbone one. Its like a little lucky charm, doesn't work but I live in hope. After saying a little goodbye to our home we headed back to where we actually live. Now technically I got my Hogwarts letter so I think that means I'm off there soon.......I probably should let my manager know. I'm going to Hogwarts, no your not Chloe your going to work. Oh.

Now something else happened that night but that's to funny/awkward to tell you in this post. Just wait for what happened last week next Monday. You'll need a good snack for that and some tissues, not because its sad, its just that funny that you'll probably cry laugh at the situation me and chummy found ourselves in.

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