Monday, 9 May 2016

What Happened Last Week | May 2nd-8th

Hello lovelies,
Time for another what happened last week. Now last week I have a super productive day and managed to get a bit of a clearer perspective on my life. It wasn't the most exciting week for others but for me, well I got so much done that I've been putting off for months.

Monday |
On Monday I had such a lovely bank holiday. Me and chummy both had the day off work, that meant we had a lovely day together. Now we went shopping, spent a bit to much money again and that's left my bank in quite a bad situation but its all good. I got the Bing bong plush from Disney store. We had a nice little McDonald's, headed to the seafront and then got some candy floss. Now that set me up for a very good week. I like to have at least one fun day a week, before work and my actual job takes over again. Now I say work, I mean my blog. Even though I don't get paid I think of this as my job because its what I want to do, if anything my job I get paid for is just a little hobby that means I can actually buy things.

Tuesday |
On Tuesday I had a late shift with my two favourite people. Me, chummy and chumster. I should explain, a few weeks ago he said jokingly that he knew he was second best, since then I have my chummy and my chumster. I love working with him because we honestly have such a laugh, also it was said that he's basically my bitch at work. I don't feel like that's true, yes he does anything I ask but that's just because we get on really well. Like now I just feel really bad, like he agreed jokingly but now I just feel like people view me as having a bitch. Like that makes me sound like I don't appreciate what he does, of course I do. 

Most of the time he's my only sanity in work and he normally offers to do the bad jobs no one wants to do. So chumster you are not my bitch, I honestly appreciate that you do the jobs I don't like, like you always do the till and you know how much it stresses me out. Thanks mate. We also made plans to go out clubbing, this time I'm dragging the chumster and another girl from work with us. We're hoping to go with L as well but he normally just bails on plans. Now the day after the only people in work from this little drinking night are me and chumster.........I've already told him that I'm bringing in his favourite biscuits just to get us through the day. I feel caramel digestives will be needed to help us through the shift.

Wednesday |
I had a day off Wednesday and I had the most productive day. Now there's lots of being the scenes blog stuff that I needed to do and I've been putting it off for a good year. Basically I transferred all my 2014 blog posts to work and put them on a memory card and sorted them into files. Now that took me a good day last time I did it. I had 2015's posts waiting to be sorted, so that's what I did. I spent the whole day glued to my mac. I had a good spotify playlist on and I was so ready to get it all sorted. It took the whole day and while I was doing that, I made sure I sorted all of 2016's posts. Now when I write a post I'm saving it to word when I do it and then popping it into the assigned month. This way I don't have to do this process again. Now every post is saved onto my mac and onto a disk, that means in case my blog ever goes wrong for some reason, I have them on my mac ready to re-upload. Here's what they all look like now, like I'm so happy its all organised now.

 Thursday |
I had another late at work, that meant I had basically the whole day free. That meant after seeing my aunt in the morning, I had the rest of the day to get some writing done. I also then made files for for blog on my mac. Like now I have a work folder which has links to stats, posts, new post and bits like that. This was I open that and use that link if I want to make a new post. I have a habit of opening safari and getting distracted by the Disney store, this way I'm taken directly to where I need to be. I also made folders for my job, in that I have a copy of my contract, my wage slips and the rotas. I just wanted to get all life stuff sorted, like I like having everything organised like this. It just makes me very happy to know that at least one or two things in my life are organised.

Friday |
On Friday I had a pretty relaxed day. I woke up at about 9ish, spent a good half hour in bed and then went over to my desk to start writing. Now I've realised that I say I have no time when I just don't use my time well enough. Like On Friday I got so much writing done, all I needed was a good spotify playlist. I wont lie to you, I did want to go out. Like it was a beautiful day and I really wanted a nice forest walk. Sadly even though I would have gone alone, well I just didn't really feel like going. 

Saturday |
I was working from 12-4 on Saturday and that meant I got a few hours with my favourite people at work. Now work was fine, it always is to be honest. I guess now I'm just viewing work as a hobby that I get paid for. I don't see it as my job/work because I've realised that I put more effort into my job/work. That needs to be my writing. After all Professional Daydreamer is something I want to be able to do full time, I know that wont happen but if I keep just putting my actual job first then I wont have the drive to do it. Like yes I still go to work but I'm not as bothered anymore, like I don't stress as much. Right now my actual job is just a financial aid. Now I'm stressing about money as it is, being surround by people that say they have no money when its just in savings is hard. 

Like I have no money, that's my own fault but its just not the most helpful thing to hear. Like I'm determined to have at least £100 spare every month, that's after I put away the money in my savings account. Now I barely earn £500 a month so its hard sometimes, like I need to stop wasting money and find free things to do. Like my mums making me feel like its a bad thing that I go out with chummy and spend money, I think she just views my friendship as a bad thing because I'm spending a lot of money. Like can I afford it? No but I like spending time with my chummy, I guess I just know that if we don't go shopping or something then she'll get bored of me. Like I just don't feel like my company is good enough, like we need to be doing something. Now I after work I popped to asda with chummy to pick up her order, went home and got showered and changed. I went for a nice little stroll, just me, my music and my backpack full of cider. a nice walk in the sun was perfect. I then met chummy and headed back to hers for an evening of drink, nachos and giggles. 

Sunday |
Another late at work but this time I ended at 5. Now work was fine like normal except it was incredibly hot. Now on Sundays me and chummy always plan a nice little chummy break, because it was so hot we need up buying ice creams and ice lollies for our break. Now these were a very good call. Work seemed so relaxed and I realised that we all do tend to group off a little. Like I stick with chummy and we tend to drift to chumster. Like he was out the front on his own so I had to keep popping out there to have a chat. Like everyone has their little gourds on Sunday, like we all get on but I just tend to be drawn to people and chummy and chumster are my Sunday people. Like honestly I have to have one of them in on Sunday or I get a little bit sad. I spent the night making sure all the blog posts for the week were edited and then made thumbnails for them all. My night also involved me laying in my bed watching netflix. Now I haven't used my iPad in months and even though its not the slowest thing, I now use it to watch netflix in bed. I watched Walt before Mickey. Now that was a very good film, like I like watching stories like this. I found it so interesting and I would recommend it to any Disney fan.

So that's what happened last week. Let me know what you got up to last week in the comments.

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