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What Happened Last Week | May 23rd-29th

Hello lovelies,
I had a pretty exciting week last week and I want to share it with you. Now I feel like the excitement didn't really kick in until Friday but let me tell you about the days leading up to that day.

Monday  |
I had two wonderful days off work. This was the first of the two and I spent the day getting a few blog bits done, I sorted all of my room out. This seemed to take forever and that sort of went into Tuesday. I just find that when I sort out my bedroom I get very distracted, get everything out then I just get bored. Apart from that, I spent my evening watching all my favourite soaps whilst snuggled in my bed.

Tuesday |
Day two of my days off and I managed to finish sorting my bedroom out, I actually had it tidy for a few hours but then that went downhill when I needed to find my charger. I got a bit of writing done, popped round to see my aunt and then spent my night listening to my music with a nice candle burning.

Wednesday |
I was back at work on Wednesday and I was a little bit annoyed. I wasn't on the late but two of my favourite people were. Now my managers been putting the three of us on shift together for a while but she swapped us this week. Now I got to spend my shift basically playing with the most sweetest sarcastic woman. I did find that someone was just getting on my nerves, it was little things that was just getting to me. There was basically a bit of an issue with someone turning the toaster round all the way. Like at work we have one that has a dial that you turn round, she turned it round all the way so it got stuck but was still toasting. That meant all the toast burnt and it was her fault, she had the cheek to tell me that when I had finished burning the toast, I should put her on more. She kept on doing it as well. I don't know but lately I've just found that maybe I'm starting to see some people in a different way, I'm just very happy that I wasn't the only one.

Thursday |
Thursday I woke up to be greeted by the bloody battle. Oh sorry, that's what me and my best friend call our periods now. Yep, I did just share that with you. I knew it was on its way but I was just gutted that it happened the day before busted. Now I spent most of the early hours awake, throwing up because of the period pain. That bloody battle was here and my god it wanted me to feel the pain. Work didn't really help but everyone was just getting to me. Luckily I had chummy and the lovely sarcastic lady to keep me entertained. In the evening I got everything ready for the next day. Ohhh and at work, you all know the eggs me and chumster keep, well a new one was added. This time by the lovely lady I keep mentioning. She was called eggster, like Esther and she wore little binoculars. I saw wore as you will find out something on Sunday that broke our hearts a little.

Friday |
The most exciting day and I was in the worst pain. In the morning me and chummy went to see Alice in wonderland through the looking glass. It was amazing and I loved it more than the first Tim Burton Alice, that was pretty hard to beat for me. After the film we headed into London. Now we had planned a lovely little crumbs and doilies date but sadly we didn't have time. We went to harvester for dinner, although that was the worst meal we've had there. It was just full of disappointments but nothing could take away our excitement for busted. 

We got to go in and our seats at 6:30pm. The support acts were Emma Blackery and Wheatus. They were both really good, like I only knew a couple of songs but Wheatus, Like I love the songs I knew but I just don't really have an opinion on them, sorry chummy. Now were were pretty close, I was on the end of my row which meant I didn't have to sit next to a stranger. Busted were absolutely amazing. They honestly were. It was like seeing my childhood and it was such an incredible night, at one point I had Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne a few feet away from me in a box. Sounds odd, I will be doing a busted post so make sure you read that to find out more. I had to most amazing night with my best friend so thank you chummy for coming with me.

Saturday |
After all the hype of Friday I was on a little low point because I had work in the evening, chummy was off for night two of busted with L. Now work was okay actually, I checked the rota and in a few weeks I have a Saturday off! That hardly ever happens, even though I know that means ill have someone moaning I'm very happy with that. I managed to see chummys boyfriend which meant I could show him the main present I'm getting her, now I've showed him, L and her mum just to make sure they don't get it. To be fair its not something he would think of but I think L might think of it. Now I just need to order it. 

When I got in from work I got a little bit of writing done and while I was doing that I got a call. A call from chummy while she was at busted. I was so happy, she tried to FaceTime me but ended up calling instead. I got to hear year 3000 and I got a little weepy. One because my emotions are quite high at the minutes, two because its one of my favourite busted songs and three because chummy thought of me and called me. It was the highlight of my night and I'm so happy that her and L had the most amazing night.

Sunday |
Another shift but it was actually pretty good. I got basically got to have all play. I had my chummy and my chumster. Now granted we had to hear the woman moaning the she has to work the weekends. Now this is annoying us now, why? Because most of the time she either works Saturday or Sunday but she moans. Me, chummy and chumster work every weekend and are grateful is our manager lets us have it off or just work one day. 

Anyway, I walked back into my department to see a chumster with a guilty look on his face, when I looked he was holding a broken us this was a big deal. Me and him are like parents to these eggs and he had cracked her......this wasn't even a cruel yolk! Haha. Anyway he ran out the front to try and hide but he knew what he did. He had killed one of our egg family, now its all good. We gave her a good send off. Chummy made a little tombstone for her that now rests next to the egg family. Me and chumster had a little minutes silence for her, not that anyone else joined in. We also had a little brain wave. Me and chumster have been thinking of good little egg names but we have failed to think of Humpty. Yep, we now have humpty. He even sits on a little brick wall that chumster drew for me. I know we seem very silly but this is one little thing that makes a boring job a little better. Plus we have a good giggle at work. Ohh and while chummy was on her break one of the women we work with looked at me and chusmter like filth when we tag teamed the chocolate sundae making. Like we were on it, granted his one looked better but it was a fun little race and it kept us happy.

Now in the evening I had the house to myself, that mean I could have a little sing song. I had a lovely bath and then watched the soap awards. After that? Well then I sat at my computer listening to just like fire while frantically writing out this post because I sort of forgot to do it. Sorry guys.

Well that was my week. Let me know what you got up to last week in the comments. 

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