Monday, 23 May 2016

What Happened Last Week | May 16th-22nd

Hello lovelies,
Last week was very odd for me. I spent half of it very worried I'd ruined an amazing friendship and the other half was just a little bit of a blur. Now it wasn't the most exciting week but its fair to say that the end of the week was my favourite. If you want to know all about my week, grab a nice cup of tea, a few biscuits and settle down to be immersed in my world.

Monday |
Now I had Monday off, that meant I got a few blog bits done. Sorted through some of the stuff in my room. Now I did clean my room but as we speak, I've had to push all the crap off my desk just to find my keyboard. I had a pretty relaxed day, I started bates motel series 4 which I was thrilled about, nothing else really happened on Monday.

Tuesday |
Hmmmm now this is the day things went a little wrong. I had work in the evening, I had a shift which is normally very fun. Now I'm not going to go into details but something happened and then we basically spent half the shift in silence, I feel a little bad for the guy I was working with but he found this very funny. I spent most of my shift holding back a lot of tears, went home and cried for a good half hour......luckily it all got sorted which was a weight of my mind, or so I thought. Ohhhh I also ordered some Alice in wonderland tsum tsums in the morning, they didn't have all of them but I managed to get the main ones.

Wednesday |
Another day off meant I had the whole day too watch bates. Now I'm proud to say that I managed to finish all of series 4 and my word it was good. I text my chummy quite a bit, she asked if I wanted to go shopping but I just felt like I needed a Chloe day. I just needed some time out from everything and I'd planned to watch some films after bates. Also I didn't want to interrupt the time with her boyfriend,  I'm sure I will have lots more opportunity's to get in the way of that but I thought I'd let the two of them have some quality time together. Chummy surprised me and got me these three tsum sums. Now she told me about the queen of hearts but surprised me with Flynn and Maximus!!!!

Thursday |
Thursday started off well and then turned into me in a really bad mood. Now luckily I had a shift with chummy later on that day. Now I'd just had enough of everyone at this point. I got some writing done for Friday though, I find that when I'm angry or upset I can write and write for hours and not stop. Now work was okay, it was brilliant but me and chummy got pecan plaits and some chocolate milk......that makes us sound like children but its exactly what I needed after that day.

Friday | 
Another day off and I spent most of the day just watching bates and top gear. I thoroughly enjoyed myself if I'm honest but the best part of my day was seeing my little cousin. I wasn't feeling great so I was snuggled on the couch watching top gear, now she was playing with her toys but came over to me and we had some lovely cuddles and played around with the snapchat filters. Now obviously I didn't post those, I wouldn't post pictures of people on my social media without them knowing. Like she's the sweetest 5 year old and I love her to pieces. I now have some adorable selfies with her and she's know my background, honestly her little smile reminds me to keep positive and happy.

Saturday |
Another shift at work but this one meant I got to see some of my favourite people. Now I'll admit that maybe I was very irritable. I know that but I just felt like things were still awkward between me and someone. Luckily its all good now, I don't think I'd know what to do if I'd ruined that friendship. Honestly like it was little a break up and after that I'm not so sure I want a boyfriend right now. That was hard enough haha. Anyway after work me and L went round to chummy's. Now that was after much indecision on our group message, anyway we went round and ruined what could have been a nice relaxing night in on her own. We sat in her room, chatted for a while and played cards against humanity. Now I didn't realise how fun that game was, I mean now I've played it once I really want to buy it now so I can have little movie nights with drinks and CAH. Yes chummy that's going to be happening, make sure you and L have a free night at some point.

Sunday |
This Sunday my chummy got a well deserved Sunday that's great but that meant I was chummy-less at work. I wont lie to you, I felt a little lost. Like in work she's is like my other half and its weird her not being there. I get a little quiet when she's not in, I just feel very vulnerable and that sounds so silly. I guess its just because I feel like I can only really be full on chummy with her. Now luckily my chumster was prepared for this, he was very good and made sure he was on hand to chat to me and make me giggle. He also let me be princess for the day, in our department its known that chummy is a princess but I thought I'd take that title. He went along with it so I got to be the princess of the department for the day. Now when someone went home I made sure I got my way, I got my chumster with me so that meant he was trapped and made the effort to talk Disney with me. For the first part of my shift I got to work with the most funny sarcastic women you will meet. Between the two of them I managed to have a pretty good shift, I got a little sad when chumster left at 2:30 but all was good. I actually chatted more to the other guy I work with, he made a joke about me burning toast which was unlike him. Like he's not normally that chatty, it was nice to actually chat to him. He is actually quite funny when you have a conversation with him.

So that was my week. It had its up and it had its downs. I've learnt this week that maybe sometimes I need to just keep my thoughts to myself, like I understand that I can be a bit moany. I guess I've also been having some blogging doubts this week. Lately it just feels like professional Daydreamer isn't mine. I know it is but I feel like I'm suddenly very aware of what I'm uploading. Maybe I'm just having a little moment of madness. I think at some point maybe I need a little break from it. I'm not really sure right now, like Ill schedule my posts and then just take that week away from my world online. Just to get a clearer view of things.

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