Monday, 2 May 2016

What Happened Last Week | April 25th - May 1st

Hello lovelies,
Last week seems like a little bit of a blur if I'm honest. It just seemed to go so quickly and I can't believe that we're now in May. It feels like it was only just Christmas but here we are five months on. Anyway like usual I didn't have the most exciting week but there are little highlights that made me extremely happy, so grab a nice mug of tea, a few biscuits and enjoy the post.

Monday |
After a chummy-less weekend I was finally reunited with my best friend. Granted we had only been apart for two days, but it seemed like a life time. We can do it during the week but I missed her a lot over the weekend purely because the shifts go so much quicker when she's in. Also I didn't have my chummy for Sunday fun day which made me get a little down. So me and Shannon went on a snack hunt. That meant we ended up in tesco's buying doughnuts, then popped to Morrison's to get more snacks.

We ended up sitting in chummy's car for about 50 minutes talking to L on the phone. Like I loved doing that, like good chats with my friends was just perfect. It just felt really comforting, it was raining outside a bit but I had my best friend with me talking to my friend on the phone. Now we have quite an expensive friendship and that meant we ended up having a cute little chummy dinner date at the harvester. Now at harvester its really go hard or go home. Now I got my usual but went for the fudge cake for dessert. Now I'm a big woman with a big appetite but I was beaten by this. Like I felt sick after a few mouthfuls. 

Anyway on the way home we had some Disney careoke, this is why she's my favourite person to be in a car with. We go for it on the duets haha. Now the most expecting part of the day was when chummy messaged me this............

Now we all know how big a fan of McFly I am. Chummy is also a very big fan of theirs so we have been waiting for this for so long. Of course we needed to get tickets and if you follow me on twitter then you may know the news, if you don't then just wait until the Wednesday part of this post.

Tuesday |
After a lovely chummy day I had work. Now I had a very good shift that day. It was me, Shannon and work mumma. She is honestly now like a mummy to me and I love working with her. I feel like me and Shannon are like a younger version of her and another amazing woman we work with. She brings out the best in work mumma much like Shannon does with me. Now we got done very early so that meant we had lots of time to kill, that meant we got a well deserve little rest. Not long but I think we had all earned it. Chummy dropped me home after work mumma and lucky for me she had sweets, some of the sweets we gathered whilst on our snack trip on Monday. Now that night I didn't sleep at all because I lost my work badge and locker key. I did a little post about why it made me so anxious, if you want to read that then I'll link it here.

Wednesday | 
I didn't realise but there was an O2 priority pre-sale on Wednesday, obviously because I needed to get tickets for McFly I got an O2 sim and was up ready for 9 to try and get tickets. Long story short, I managed to get me, chummy and her boyfriend tickets meaning we not only get to see them once......we get to see them three nights in a row. Now if that wasn't exciting enough, I tweeted about it and Tom Fletcher, aka my favourite re tweeted me. I was on a little natural high for the rest of the day.

Thursday |
 I wont lie to you. Thursdays a bit of a blur. I'm pretty sure I had the day off, I know my aunt came round in the morning so I got to have a good chat with her and got to show her all the new clothes I got. Hmmmm I wont lie to you, not much happened that's really important. I honestly cant think what I did, I think I got a bit of blog admin done which basically meant me replying to emails and bits like that. Hmmmm I think I might have gone to the shops. Like this doesn't really help you but its like that day didn't happened, its just gone from my memory. 

Friday |
I had work Friday so I got to see a few people who I haven't seen in a few weeks. Now at work I always have make up on and I always go for a smokey eye with a thick eyeliner, the minute I got in the women I haven't seen in a while thought I had a date and asked "Who you trying to impress? You got a date or something?" Now I love her because she's so lovely but I was a bit annoyed, just because I used to do make up to try and look good for boys I liked but now I do it for me. I feel really pretty (Not in an up myself way) and I feel 1000x more confined with my make up on. I can go without it but I just feel like I can do more because I feel comfortable in myself. Now the evening was basically me in bed watch TV with my cider. 

Saturday |
I had work late in the day but there was a tiny chance I was going out in the evening. That meant I got all my outfit ready and did my make up, straightened my hair just in case we went out. Everyone else wasn't going but me and chummy were going to, sadly my chummy wasn't feeling up to it so after work we got some lemon puffs and ice cream. Now when I got home the whole house was empty, I just felt really lonely and I got really anxious for some reason. Sometimes it just hits me and I have to just shut off for a bit. I felt a bit bad but I was ignoring my chummys messages. I guess my brain went into a stage of well no one likes you, stop being the annoying person who's always texting. Now I hate it when that part of my brain takes over but I just needed to shut off from it for a while. I still feel very guilty so chummy if you're reading, I'm really sorry. I didn't want to ignore the messages but I just needed some time to shut off from everything and calm myself down. Ohhh and I almost forgot but I booked for me and chummy to go back to Harry Potter studios. We both have the week off in June so we booked it so we get to go and look inside number 4 privet drive and we can finally both see the Hogwarts express. I honestly cant wait, we're also planning some potter days. We haven't watch it since Alan Rickman died so we need to watch them all again before we go back to Hogwarts.

Sunday |
A much happier day for me. I was in work with some of my favourites, although I didn't have my chumster to keep me company. luckily Ive got a shift with him Tuesday so I can be was silly and weird as I want then. Now my friend had to drive to wales and he left early in the morning. Now I had such a horrible dream and I woke up in tears because it just seemed really real, luckily he's okay. Like I knew he would be but if people I know go somewhere far away then my mind panics about them until I know they're okay. Anyway work was pretty quiet, out manager left early so we had a pretty easy close. Now I'm pretty sure everyone at work thinks we're weird but me and chummy occasionally skip hand in hand through the shop. Now we just find it funny and so do people that know us, however we did this infant of customers. I don't regret it because it was one of the highlights of the day.

So that was my week, now for me it was filled with a lot of excitement and I've planned lots more with my best friend. This week has made me realise just how lucky I am to have her in my life. I had a very down day and she sent me a big essay which made me feel so loved. What happened last week for you? Let me know in the comments.

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