Saturday, 14 May 2016

Walk In The Sun |

Hello lovelies,
This Monday I had the most incredible day with my two favourite people. Now the way my rotas are being done means at the minute I'm getting Monday and Friday's off normally. Now all weekend we have has such amazing weather and me and chummy have been stuck at work, we decided that we were going to spend our day off Monday at the park with a picnic. Now in the morning we headed out to buy our picnic food, in the end we basically purchased a banquet of food each. Did we need it all? No but it was delicious and it definitely gave us enough just in case anyone else joined us. Now on the way to get snacks chummy told me that our friend L wanted to go shopping, now he was contemplating joining us on out little picnic but wasn't sure.

After we has purchased what seemed like the whole of the supermarket, we headed back to chummys to pack our picnic and see what L was actually doing. Now he decided that he was going to join us but he needed to shower, have lunch and knowing him just contemplate going about ten times. We got in the car, popped on some good music for careoke and drake to our cute little picnic spot. L decided that he would join us after he had lunch so me and chummy had a nice lunch just the two of us. I like to think we got a pretty good spot for lunch, below I'll pop a few pictures of our feast.

 After a nice lunch and some good chats we then met up with L and went for a nice stroll in the park. Well that was just after a few group selfies. Now it was so nice to just spend time with my two favourite humans, strolling through the park and having some very good chats. I haven't seen him in a while and even though its not been that long, I missed him a little. Now the weather was so beautiful outside and I got to spend my day getting blog pictures and having a lot of laughs with two people who in such a short space of time have grown to mean the world to me. Here are some of the pictures I took while we were walking.

I also got some pictures of flowers which I just love, now to you they may not look that great but I'm really happy with these pictures. I just love the colour and they just made me feel so happy. The park has changed a lot since I was last there, like its got much better but a bit simpler. I like that, I could just relax and enjoy the time I had outside. Now I spend most of my time inside and in the last few months I've really started to appreciate the time I get outside.

After our nice little stroll around the park L went home for a bit and me and chummy went back to hers. After about half hour we went to pick him up and then decided to go for a long drive, that meant a lot more careoke and then a walk along the beach. Now at this point it had started raining but I just didn't care. No amount of rain was going to ruin such an amazing day. 

I'm lucky to have some really important people in my life now, people who I would have never spoken to before and I now cant imagine my life without them. Chummy you two honestly mean the world to me me, like you fill my life with so much happiness and know exactly what to say to cheer my up. Thank you for being part of some amazing memories that I'll cherish forever.

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