Thursday, 19 May 2016

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Hello lovelies,
Ive been loving using all my social medias lately. Now some of you may follow me but for those who don't, ill be posting all my links under each social media. So what social medias am I actually on? Well let me tell you....

Twitter | daydreamawayxx

Out of all my social media I update this the most. I love that I can tweet anything I like and its such a good way to connect with more bloggers and my readers. Now I tweet a lot of nonsense but for some reason people favourite them sometimes. This is normally my favourite form of social media. The one thing that bothers me about twitter is that when I want to rant, I have to do it in several tweets. It then just doesn't really make sense if its staggered in peoples feeds.

Snapchat | daydreamawayxx

Now I used to have snapchat when I was at school but I didn't really like it, now I have it for my blog. Now I didn't have it before because I never wanted to show my face. You all now know what I look like, therefore I can use snapchat and make boring little stories for you all. I'm also loving the filters, today I found the unicorn one and was loving life. I love unicorns so this is definitely one I'll be using a lot. If you want to add me on snapchat

Instagram | professional_daydreamerxx

Instragram is a favourite of mine, especially now that I actually post selfies on there. I feel like I have so much more freedom on instagram now because I can actually upload photos without worrying that you can see what I look like. MY ugly face is known to you all now, there's nothing for me to be scared of now.

Google+ | Professional Daydreamer x

Now I wouldn't really say I use this but I do post my blog posts on here and then onto some of the communities I'm joined to for the blog. Now I don't use this to tell you all things, like this one is mainly just for links to my blog posts. 

Facebook |

I have a Facebook page which I really want to start using more. Ill basically be using this to update you on little bits about my day, posts and maybe a few nice pictures here and there.

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