Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Shopping Day With Chummy |

Hello lovelies, 
So this bank holiday Monday I had nothing planned. Luckily for me neither did my chummy. Now we have both realised that we have quite an expensive friendship. Now we've had some really nice days where we don't spend a lot of money, for some reason though we normally end up at a shopping centre or the harvester. Now our little day out first saw us popping into work and then onto the first shopping centre. Now this isn't the best but we did get a few bits we needed. Including a few Disney items. When I say a I've just realised that everything I got was Disney. Meh, I don't regret it.

Simba tsum tsum | 
Now I popped into Clinton's and luckily for me they had quite a few that I wanted. Now from the Clinton's in the big shopping centre I got 4. They were doing a buy one get one half price. Now in my mind that meant I could get a few extra to make it up to the price that I would have paid if that makes sense. Now I had Rafiki already but I need to do a haul of the last lot I got. I needed someone to keep him company so Simba had now joined my (not so) little tsum tsum collection. 

Marie tsum tsum |
I've had my eye on her for quite a while now. I just think she looks so cute and I just love her little bow. Even though I do love her she wasn't the one I really wanted, I know that she's quite easy to get hold of. I got a few more that I was so excited to get.

Flounder tsum tsum |
I finally got my hands on Flounder. I have been looking for him for months. I had Ariel but I felt she was a little lonely, she needed her friend and I got so excited when I saw him in Clinton's. I also think he's just so cute. I just love the colours of him, I may have also had to get him a little friend.

Mickey tsum tsum |
I may have got Minnie a few weeks ago but they didn't have Mickey in stock. Luckily I found him and I was buying him. I couldn't leave Minnie on her own. It just seemed very unfair and cruel. Now I do like him but he just seems really plain, like he's not my favourite tsum tsum but its all started with a mouse. I couldn't not have him in my collection. 

Sebastian tsum tsum |
It was the little arms that's got me. Also his smile is just so cute that I needed to have him. I feel quite happy because now I have the little trio from the little mermaid, he now sits next to Ariel and Pete from toy story. 

Timon tsum tsum |
I had to get him but I'm so annoyed they didn't have Pumbaa. I wanted the pair but I thought it was best to buy him when I saw him just in case I couldn't find him again. Now I know that when I finally get pumba I'm going to love him even more.

Frozen photo album |
We both saw these in Clinton's and chummy wanted to get one. She pointed out that they would be good as we could fill it with pictures from our Disneyland trip that we have in September. Now we both have one and we're planning on putting cute little Polaroid's in the front and then filling it with the most amazing pictures of our trip.

Bing Bong |
Now I didn't plan this purchase. I went into the Disney store and chummy went to get him, now she grabbed him for herself and said "Chummy they only have two, its meant to be you need to get him". Naturally I said no but a bit of chummy chat made me realise that I needed this candyfloss scented teddy in my collection. Now he smells so good and has the fluffiest tale and the softest ears. 

Well that's everything I got on my little shopping trip. Me and chummy also had a McDonald's, now that was like disappointment central. Firstly they didn't ask if we wanted a large meal like they normally no, secondly they ran out of curry sauce much to chummy's disappointment, thirdly they have us chilli dip instead of smokey barbecue and lastly the chips were be fair the dip was really nice but I was less than impressed. We then drove to the seafront and walked in the rain to get candy floss. Yes we sat in chummy's car in the rain eating candy floss like little children. We also have the best careoke sessions. We like to go for Disney, like my word we do pretty well on the duets.  Breaking free from high school musical and a whole new world, we have that covered.

I have honestly found my best friend and I'm so happy I have her. We've both decided that we would like this friendship to last, like the other day she told me she wants to grow old with me. That genuinely meant the world to me, like I have the loveliest human to spend my time laughing and being myself with. Now that's online now chummy so they'll be no getting out of it, you're stuck with me now.

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