Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Primark Haul |

Hello lovelies,
On Friday me and chummy went shopping again. Now I don't normally get any clothes, I'm always just to scared to try new outfits and normally just stick to my jeggings and a baggy top. Most of the time I just get Disney tops and pyjamas from primark but for once I actually got adult clothes.

Pink ruffle skater skirt | £10
I've had my eye on this skirt for a few months but I've always been a little scared to buy it. Now I really love this and I feel like I have a little more confidence to buy and wear skirts now. I paired this with one of the tops I got and I actually really liked the outfit. 

Navy ruffle skater skirt | £10
Another one of the skirts. Now I loved the pink so much so I decided I needed it in Navy, now theres a few reasons why I wanted a dark coloured skirt. Girls you may understand why but if you don't then I'll leave that up to your imagination. Now I really love this one, I think this will be really nice for autumn as well.

Long sleeved polka dot top | £5
Now I love the sprinkle of glitter clothes on simply be but unfortunately I'm not made of money. I love the clothes and normally with her skater skirts she wears a long sleeved top like this. Now I love the polka dots on this and its perfect for me, I don't really like showing my arms so this is the perfect item for me.

Floral top | £4
I had to look in two primarks for this but I'm so happy I found it. This is such a pretty top for the summer and it will go so well with my skirts.

Baby pink shrug | £6
Knowing that I don't like showing my arms, chummy found this in primark so luckily I got myself one. This is so light to wear and will be really good for if it gets a little cold.

Mint green top | £4
In this photo the top doesn't look as green but its such a lovely shade. I love light materials like this, they're just so much easier to wear in the hot weather.

Grey collar top | £6
My favourite top is this one. I just love the colour on this and it looks so pretty with my pink skirt. Also I don't need to wear an under top with this one.

Peach floral sandals | £6
Normally these sandals don't fit my massive feet but since I've lost a little weight my feet have got a tad slimmer, that means my feet now fit into pretty shoes like these. I adore these and they were such a good price.

Frozen flip flops | £2.50
Now I couldn't go into primark and not get anything Disney. I got these frozen flip flops, like I wont wear these out but they're perfect for the garden or just popping to my aunts house in. Also my little cousin will love these.

Well that's all I got from primark. I'm actually really happy with everything I got and I cant wait to make cute little outfits for the summer.

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