Thursday, 12 May 2016

Memory Box |

Hello lovelies,
I've been meaning to write this post for months now. Basically I have a little memory box that I keep full of little things that mean a lot to me or remind me of something fun that I've done in my life. To you this wont really mean anything but most of these things hold a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy having a little look around my memory box.

 Music on the hill |
This was the first McFly concert I went to which was back in 2013 I think. Even though I've been a McFly fan since the beginning, I've never really been one for concerts. Now I was so excited to go and see them, it was such a small little event but it felt more special. I also got to see the vamps which was before they became super successful. This was my first McFly concert and I loved every moment of it.

Ed Sheeran |
You all know that I went to Ed Sheeran last year and my god, what a phenomenal night that was. I got quite close to the front and it was honestly the best night of my life. He is amazing anyway but he is sensational live, I cant wait for when he starts making music again because I need to see him live again.

Card from cousin 1 |
My little cousin (Not so little anymore) got me this card last year and it says how much she loves and and that I'm her favourite. Now I would have shown you but I didn't want to put her name online.

McFly royal Albert hall |
I got this programme when I went to see the McFly 10th anniversary shows. It was such an epic night and I'm so happy that I got to see the guys do what they do best, celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Tom Fletcher tweets |
Before my twitter I had a secret one from everyone. Tom tweeted me once on it and retweeted me. Now I'm aware of my terrible spelling but I honestly don't care. I had to print them off as proof that it actually happened.

Pictures from my cousins |
Below are a little collection of the pictures and little bits and pieces that my cousins have made for me over the years. Now these are just the bits from cousin 1, I have other little bits and bobs that cousins 2 and 3 have made but those are kept in my folder, where I need them most.

GCSE results balloon |
My aunt and uncle were away when I got my GCSE results, my aunt was the person I was desperate to tell because I feel like she's the one who always believes in everything I do. I called her and she cried, then I cried. Like I didn't get the best results but I'd managed to get through it and she had been there when I needed her most. The next day I got a massive box delivered to my house, when I opened it out popped this balloon and the box was filled with sweets.

Ticket to prom |
As much as I hated school prom was the final chapter and it was such a good night, it was me saying goodbye to some happy and some sad memories. Now looking back at my school days I realised that I was always the one just hanging around, no one really wanted me there. That's why I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to spend time with me now, I have very big trust issues because of school. 

Work experience card |
I did my work experience at a school near me, now it wasn't the best but it was good to get out of school for two weeks and go and basically play for two weeks with play dough and sand.

The moon |
When cousin 1 was about 4 she told me that she went to the moon and she would give me the moon. Now because I said she couldn't have been to the moon, she went home and made me this. She came up to me and said here's the moon. Now this is my favourite thing from her, in our family we always say we love you to the moon and back and she wanted to give me the moon. 

Memory of an amazing teacher |
At our school we had the most amazing teacher, he was so good with me and helped me so much. In year 10 we found out that he has passed away from cancer, we then made little badges to remember him with. Something subtle that we could wear on our blazers to remember the most amazing teacher.

Heart from Devon |
Devon to me is like my home, I wasn't born there but its my happy place. I feel safe there and its the one place in the world that I adore and it just feels like home. A little piece of my heart lives there's and the last time I was there I found this little stone. Heart shaped. Now this is something I love, its something that reminds me of the place I want to go back to. The place I was to grow old.

New york keyring |
When my uncle goes away on long trips he somethings brings us all back little gifts. He got me this I love NY keyring and I love it. Now I would love to go the New York but money is the issue, now I have a little piece of New York that I can one day add to.

Cards from my aunt |
Now these are technically from my aunt and the family but its really just from her. I adore her handwriting and I always have. She writes me the most wonderful cards and I keep every single one of them, she makes me feel so special and loved. 

Baby towel |
This is the bath towel from when I was a baby. Seems like a silly thing to keep but its got winnie the pooh on it and well, we all know my love or all things disney.

Princess jasmine |
I got this years ago and I still have it, its my faouvrite thing and I could never part with her. It plays a whole new world and is the sweetest sound.

Well I hope you liked that little look around my memory box.

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