Thursday, 5 May 2016

Interviews |

Hello lovelies,
Today I wanted to chat to you all about interviews. Now the unfortunate thing about becoming an adult is that at some point you have to get a job. Now for me the interview process makes me so anxious and I've had so many interviews that I feel like I've become a little bit of a pro at them. Now most interviews resulted in a no but the two that said yes were because I did my interview well. I want to chat to you about little things that I feel really helped me, I just hope they are of some help to you.

Time keeping |
Being on time is key for interviews. You can rock up just a few minutes late and not just on time. Now if I have an interview ill get there a good twenty minutes early. Check in where you need to and just be patient and wait. Normally someone will call through to let the interviewer know you're there, it will look much better if you arrive early because then they can see you are serious about the job and have good time management.

Location |
This may seem silly but I've had a few interview where I had no clue where I needed to be going, luckily because I always arrive early I've been able to find out where I'm supposed to be. I once had an interview in a shopping centre but there were two store in that building, now they didn't tell me which one. I made sure I went to both just to check. Now I normally do the journey there once just to make sure I know where I'm going.

Dress code |
I think its very important to go smart. Now I know some people will think that if its just an interview for a supermarket or something, its okay to just go in causal clothes. Definitely not. For all my interviews I go in smart black trousers and a smart colourful shirt, normally I wear my red one. I just feel very comfortable in it and I need to feel comfortable or I stress even more.

Rejection |
It may be really disheartening if you get a no but you need to remember that they may only have one job, now hundreds would have probably applied for the job you did. I know its hard getting a no but there will be something much better. I got so many no's before my first job, that turned out to be the best job for me. I met the most amazing person and I'm grateful for the experience. It also saw me working in London for a few months. Now I got lots of no's before my job now, fast forward a year and I'm working with my best friend and a great team of people. 

Don't lie |
This is a pretty straight forward one. There's no point in lying on your CV or to the interviewer because chances are they've already found out what they need to know about you. Don't say you have experience in something if you haven't, it will make you look stupid if you then get the job and they give you a task that you said you could do. They wont be expecting you to have loads of experience but sometimes I think they just want to see that you want the job and are willing to work hard.

Be yourself |
This is the most important part, if you don't take anything else from this post then please just listen to this. I had so many interview where I acted so serious and I think I just came across as really fake. I feel like I had to hide what I'm really like because I worried that I would look to immature. Now my first job I got because I was myself, I had a laugh and joke with them because part of my personality includes my humour. It makes me feel confident so I think they saw me when I was making a few jokes because I felt confident. Admit that you don't know everything there is to know but show them that you're willing to learn. The second job I got which is the one I'm currently working at I got because I was myself. Now with this one I felt I could be much more me, after my last job I realised that being me wasn't as bad as Id made out. It also helped because my interviewer was the loveliest woman and just offered me the job on the spot. One year later and I'm the happiest I've been and I'm surrounded by amazing people.

Now this may all seem like silly things but this is what I've learnt about the interview process, now this might not be useful to you but this is all the stuff I wish I'd have known before starting interviews.

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