Monday, 23 May 2016

10 Things That Make Me Happy |

Hello lovelies,
A lot happened last week and it made me doubt myself a lot. Im really not sure why if I'm honest, as horrible as it sounds I think over the last few days I've realised that I'm top priority. I put everyone else first, I always have but as much as I love doing that, well sometimes that means I suffer for it. Im constantly worried about making people happy that sometimes I forget to take care of myself. 

Theres so many things that make me so happy, some being people and some being simple little pleasures in life. I thought I'sd share with you some of those things. 

Blogging |
My little bit of happiness thats all mine. I had some doubts last week and felt like my blog wasnt mine anymore, after a nice little chat with lou (When I say chat I mean I ranted to her and she listened and gave very good advice) I realised that of course its mine. It always has and always will be. I know that my blog wont ever be successful and I'm okay with that. I make content that makes me happy and for some reason a small handful of you like it to. Writing was never something I enjoyed at school but now its my little happiness. I've made a whole little world online for myself and the lovely little population that live here. Im proud of my blog, its all me and I didnt need any help. Its the space where I can be completly open and honest with you all. Yes there are going to be times when I post things people dont agree with, thats life. I just know that you will all get why I post it.

Chummy |
The girl who this time last year I thoughtdidn't  like me. How far we've come since then. Chummy means the world to me and for some bizzar reason she still likes to spend time with me. Now I find it very hard to let people in, I keep a lot to myself but I tell this girl everyhitng. Now at work they think were lesbians, nothing wrong with that if you are but we are definitely straight women. We're just so comforbtle around each other and we will talk about everything. Chummy is also the reason for my next happiness and I can thank her enough for that. The thing I love most about her is that even thought I'm the most annoying person, she deals with it. She knows my past, knows my little struggles but is there through it all, she lets me be who I am and never questions what I do. I want me and chummy to be those little old women racing around supermarkets in our mobility scooters, causing chaos and giggling about the fun things and weird stitatuons we got into then we were young. Chummy I'm in the for the long haul, you joining me???

L |
L makes me so happy. Considering I didnt know him until January he is one of the people I love spending time with, he is just such a decent human and is so lovely. Yes if you've been with me for a while, well you'll know that was that guy I told I liked. Now luckily for me he was cool about that, like looking back now I feel like maybe I just let emotions get to me. Like yes he's lovely but I dont see him like that now. He's such a funny and caring guy and I'm so grateful that I have him in my little world now. He is now friend 1 which he was rather pleased with, since chummy went to best friend I had space at friend 1 and he was bumped up that ranks. He lets me be myself and thats all I want from people, I thought I'd be shy when I met him but I think we clicked when we met. I was myself around him and was like how I am with chummy, I didnt see that coming but I feel like this human could be around for a long time and I really hope he is.

Tsum Tsums |
A simple pleasure in my life right now. Now I was never that bothered about them but now I'm 40 tsum tsums strong and my collection will soon grow. I just love how I can arrange them, Its something I can play around with for hours and its disney. Disney is my favourite thing in the world and having the characters looking at me whilst I write makes me very happy.

Music |
While some people see music as something to listen to, I see it as something to feel. Im that person who listens to everyone and analyses a song. I love hearing the lyrics and I love the goosebumps I get when I hear my favourite song. Music also comes in very handy for our careoke sessions. Now these are normally a chummy thing but sometimes we have L in on the madness. Its something that makes me so happy. 

A new series on Netflix |
I love a good series on netflix and nothing pleases me more than finding a new series to get obsessed with. Now because I work part time that means I have three days where I can watch netflx all day long. I've just finished bates motel and my word, that was so good (Sorry chummy). I mean I've been telling everyone I know about it. I need to find a new series to get obsessed with but I also just love having something to watch in bed, the TV is fine but nothings better than snuggling into bed, disney teddys surrounding me and watching a good show.

Make up |
I never used to be a make up girl. All through school I was make up free. Now I dont leave the house without it. I just love how much confidence it gives me. I also love going make up shopping and trying new looks, I tried a dark lip last week and I become obsessed with it. I now love a dark lip and I'm excited to try out some new looks.

Days with friends |
These days are the best kind of days for me. Now me and chummy do tend to spend a lot but a few weeks ago we went out on a picnic and spend very little money. I had the most amazing day. I dont care if the day is just spent round each others house, time with my favourite people is what I need. They take my mind off things and days like this just make me realise how lucky I am. My sister hates because I go out a lot now, I love it so much. My favourite people in the world and me. Thats all I need right now. For once I'm happy with the people in my life, theres no fake people in it I'm happy with the decisions I'm making. I just hope that these lovely humans are going to be with me for a long time. I'd be quite lost without them now.

Pets |
My pets are something that makes me happy, granted my rabbit scratches me a lot but we're working on that. My little guinea pig is my main pet happiness though, I got her just after I left my first job. I was feeling a little lonely and I wanted something that I could look after. Shes the sweetest little thing and cuddles with her are the best.

Doodling |
An odd one now but drawing random little doodles makes me very happy. At work and and chumster have eggs that we draw little faces on and name them. Now this was started by another women but we are basically parents to the three eggs that sit in our department, we change them when they go out of date, draw new faces and we actually take time to name them. It sounds so silly but the doodles make us happy. I also love keeping a little notebook near my keyboard, when I get a little bored I like to do a few doodles. It re-focuses my mind and lets me escape for a little bit.

Well I hope you enjoyed that little look at the things that make me happy. I would love to know what makes you all happy so please let me know in the comments.

Lotd of love,
Chloe xxx

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