Monday, 11 April 2016

What happened last week |

Hello lovelies, 
Last week was a bit of a weird one for me. You know the most of what happened last week but let me just fill in the blanks for you.

So most of the week I was working so all that things that happened, happened around work. On Wednesday I went shopping with chummy. Her and her boyfriend had a little plan to get me and his friend to meet, I knew about this because of course I was in on the plan, any way I met a lovely man who apparently liked me. We went bowling and then for dinner as a four......added him on Facebook. He added me back, I then messaged him just to say it was nice to meet him and then............! Nothing. He read it but didn't reply. I was annoyed because I think it's rude to read the message and not reply. 

I spent Thursday being really sad and Friday as well. I think because I didn't have my hopes up for it, it just annoyed me that apparently he liked me and that gave me a little more confidence. It just felt like that had been crushed and I was left in a really bad state mentally. I feel like I need to tell you because I think bottling it up won't help, basically on Friday night I just wept and wept. I was hurting, not just because of that but everything with my sister has been stressing me out and upsetting me. Well I was at the point when I had that lump in my throat, the one that makes me feel like I can breathe. 

I did something that I've managed to stop myself doing for months. I don't know why I did it, but for those few seconds......well I was hurting in a different way and it as bad as it sounds. I'm feeling better mentally. But this has made me realise that maybe I need to go and see someone, I can't get to that state again where that seems like the only option so I think in a few weeks I'll be making some calls. 

Work on Friday was very good. Me and my chumster (The guy I work with pointed out that he felt second best to chummy, he was joking but now he's my chumster at work) started work at the same time. I told him all my problems and like the good guy he is, he listened and then put positive spins on everything which basically meant him say well "f*ck him, you don't need him then". We also spent a good hour and a half giggling much to my managers amusement. 

This week it's been a bit awkward though, now if I get on well with people I will chat to them about everything. Like I have a dirty mind and if I'm comfortable with you, that means sex talks and funny chats like that. However me and chumster have been having more chats like this and people think we're in some weird relationship. No, that's not true. Like chummy knows me well enough to know that I'm like that when I get on with people, however I want to have some fun with them at work so I'm just going to let them think what they want.

On Saturday I had a 9am start and a 6pm finish. I don't mind, like I had my chummy until 5, work mumma until 4 and chumster until 6. I was having a great day, me and chummy spent the day giggling. Now my manager does get annoyed sometimes but she was fine, we were working and just having fund. My manager knows that when were split up we go quiet and just sort of crave the other. Everyone loves our little friendship. We went for our break together because there were enough staff to cover us, work mumma said we could go but for some reason the women we work with had an issue. She's nice enough but she likes to think she's a manager when she's the same level as us, she had a little bitch about us when we left. 

Of course work mumma told us, that meant me and chummy were fuming with her. She said they we went knowing she said no, that wasn't true. She said we'd been annoying her all day because we had been laughing and she said that we should be split up from each other and basically moaned because we were to happy.

I'm sorry but after a pretty sh*t week my manager was happy that I was back to my normal self and she knows Shannon brings that out of me, if my manager had said to just calm down then we would have done. The issue is me and chummy feed of each others excitement, but who yeah hell is that woman to tell us we were to happy and that we should be split up. If my manager has an issue then she'll split us up, she's just annoyed because she has no authority over us. Anyway that night I anger ate a bowl of crunchy nut clusters and then went to chummy's to drink and bitch. My god did I bitch, I saw chummy's mum and dad then it was straight upstairs to have a massive bitch session. I was fuming with her and I needed to bitch with my chummy. Like she left at 5 and I was stuck with her until 6 so I had an hour of her bitchy comments. 

Sunday was okay. Like work was good purely because Sunday's are fun days for us. We normally have a very good bunch in on Sunday so it's quite relaxed and everyone just has a good laugh. 

Oh the highlight of the week was on Tuesday it was made clear that me and chummy are indeed best friends. I never like to assume but apparently that's true, so even though the rest of the week was quite bad.....well my chummy made it a millions times better. Like it's nice that I get to work with my best friend most days, even though it's not our dream jobs I think having people you love working with you really makes it better. Like I love my work chums, like they honestly make the job much better.

Ohhhh last highlight of the week was that L put the Elle King CD onto a disk for chummy and then I got to borrow it. I now have the whole Elle King album on my phone and I'm loving it.

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