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What happened last week | March 28th-April 3rd

Hello lovelies,
I thought I would start a what happened last week series. Basically every Monday I'll be doing a little summary of the events of the week before. This might not be interesting to any of you, I mean I like reading posts like this because I think it makes you a little closer to the writer.

So this week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster mixed with work. Its feels like lately my life is just work and a little play. Work seems to be settling down a bit now and I don't feel as stressed with it. So I'm just going to chat to you about what happened last week and what I did, this is all around work so it wont be in any particular order.

I spent Monday and Tuesday at work and in tears. After the weekend I just felt emotionally drained and very embarrassed. Like I wasn't even fun at work, my manager came up to me and said "Your partner in crime will be in soon" and even that didn't put me in a happier mood, like that's when you know I'm sad. When that doesn't cheer me up you know I've reached my Eeyore mode. 

Anyway after a few little messages exchanged with a certain guy, I was much happier and ready to spent the rest of the week being me and having fun. Work was just awful on Thursday, partly because I was working with a women who feels it acceptable to belittle everything I do. Also my partner in crime left at six, meaning I spend the rest of the night just silently washing up. On Friday I had a day off, which I didn't think I had. I thought I was working but it turns out I was looking at the wrong week. Anyway me and Shannon (We agreed on soul mate but people just thought we were lesbians, we're not (Nothing wrong with that though) so we are now at a new stage. Shannon is now my chummy, so at work that I just what we call each other now) headed out on a little adventure.

We went to the beach, had a lovely day just strolling along the seafront, popped to look at some colouring books like all late teens do and then headed out for dinner. We had the best day. Just me and my chummy having the most relaxing day chatting about life, giggling a lot and then going to get her best friend and my friend L. Also the same guy I told I liked, luckily he's been so cool about the situation and the friendships back on track. We all went to go and watch the sunset, not that there was much of one, and then just sat in chummy's car for a while chatting.

It was such a chilled out day. Since January when I started my little project me which I actually forgot about, I've been so much happier and healthier. Ive been happier because of my friends and I'm so grateful for that. Like Friday me and Shannon wanted a day to escape with our cameras and we were going to go to a forest but the seaside and doughnuts lured us in. I wont lie I think we need another day like this, like we can even bring L. We had careoke and all was good with the world.

Saturday meant I had to work with the woman who I'm finding very difficult at the minute. Luckily work mumma let me and Shannon stay out the back, I prepped bacon trays and she washed up. I just couldn't handle her at the minute. She's rude and makes little digs at people and I'm not prepared to let her do it to me again. Later after work my aunt, uncle and cousins came round. I've been apart from them for a week and it killed me, we are an extremely close family and I missed them like mad. It was so nice to see my cousin excited to tell me about Disney, my littlest cousin was so chatty and was in a really cuddly mood. She was like "Chloe I missed you so much". It's moment like that that make my life worth while, that cuddle from a little human that see's only good in the world. Seeing her happy was so lovely. Also the handsome little boy has shot up in height and my god, he's now taller than me and his voice has broken. Like I got a little emotional, what happened to the little boy. He's growing up so fast but he's still the kindest human around and I cant wait to see the man he becomes. 

Oh another update. Our boiler was out from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning so I had a lovely bath on Wednesday night. Got in the bath, now we only have one bathroom in our house so we always ask if anyone needs to use the toilet before we go for a bath. I asked everyone and then ten minutes later my sister starts smashing on the door telling me to get out. My mum said she had her fists clenched and then I heard her say that if I didn't get out she was going to "Kick her f*cking head in". Me being me I then stayed in the bath for a good hour in cold water, lesson there is don't threaten me. It's bothering me that she's now threatening me with violence and my dads still letting her stay. It must be hard but its always her he picks, I don't think he means to but its like he still favours her.

What else happened last week. Ohhh my aunt got me a pascal tsum tsum from Disneyland. I've been looking for him for ages, I have Rapunzel but I couldn't get him. Oh and I booked off some holiday from work. Chummy booked my V festival ticket which was very kind of her, I promise the minute we get paid I'll give you the money.

I had some really chilled out nights last week. I was all snuggled in my bed. Candles on, fairy lights on, a bottle of cider and my notebook. I managed to plan every post that I'm going to upload from now until December 31st. It was so nice to focus on my blog without having to be glued to my phone. Just me and Elle king on spotify.

Well that was all that happened last week. I hope you liked that post. I like having a little time each week to just tell you all what I've been up to. So what have you all been up to? Please let me know in the comments.

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