Monday, 25 April 2016

What happened last week | April 18th-24th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was just a massive build up of emotions, it makes a lot of sense now but lets have a little chat about the events of the last week. You can hear the ups and the downs of a very rubbish week. Last week my blog suffered a lot, I didn't even post everyday because I just didn't feel like I was in the right frame of mind I know you'll understand but I just felt that I needed to apologise for that. I'm getting back on track and now, well I'm looking forward to writing this week.

Monday |
Monday was a pretty relaxed day if I'm honest with you. I had the day off work and I had planned to spend the day writing, as most of you can probably tell that didn't go according to plan. I basically just spent the whole day feeling sorry for myself. Basically someone I know was moving, I haven't seen this person in a while but now that they've left, well that means I don't have the option to see them anymore. Like we can all probably guess the person but it was closure on something that never even started. Like I was just feeling a little sad, luckily for me I had a nice film night on my own to try and make me feel better.

Tuesday |
Tuesday is when I felt my lowest, I got to work with my chummy in the evening but at work I ended up doing something that I shouldn't have. I took a long walk home to try and get my head straight, granted I spent most of the walk home in tears but after a very long chat with my chummy. Well I felt a hell of a lot better. I guess everything in life just got to me, life became to real if that makes sense. Like I think I just needed o reach that point to go no you've been sad, lets cheer up and be our happy self again.

Wednesday |
Another day at work which was fine but the woman I've been having a few issues with was in. She lets power go to her head, she hates the fact me and chummy are close. I guess because when I started I was very quiet but Shannon has become my little partner in crime at work, she hates the fact we have fun at work and lately it feels like she's been belittling us a lot. She made me go for a break, which is something she has no right to do. It sounds silly but we are all in charge of our own breaks now and I had said to her I was ready for mine, she still made me go and she did the same with Shannon. She let everyone else choose, that's what annoyed me. She has a problem with us and no one else, I wasn't sure why she was annoying me more but I worked that out a little later in the week. Chummy was going shopping in the evening and while she was there I asked her to pick me up the flash teddy from the Disney store. I also asked her to have a little look for the jungle book tsum tsums, she told me they didn't have any but surprised me with a box of the ones I wanted. Honestly the lovelies best friend I could ask for.

Thursday | 
Thursday was when I broke down. At work me, work mumma, the women I was having issues with and our manager all went to have a little chat. Basically my manager and cafe mumma were on my side but she kept on turning it all round on me, when I had done nothing wrong. Like I came out of there and burst into tears, my manager took me away for a bit and we had a little chat. I guess I just let everything get to me and this woman was helping. When I got back I even got a hug form chummy, like she doesn't like hugs but she will give me a voldemort hug when she knows I need it. Anyway that night it became a bit more clear why I've been so over emotional lately, after three months of nothing but monthly visitor arrived and my god she certainly made up for lost time. Like a catch up that I didn't really care for. 

Friday |
I spend the majority of the morning curled up in my bed in agony, unfortunately for me I had to get ready as my grandma was coming round. Not a visit I was looking forward to because she always makes me feel insulted every time she visits, I know she doesn't mean it but it always happens. Anyway after that chummy picked me up and she had a few things to do, I tagged along like a little puppy. She had the weekend off work which meant my life would be chummyless for a whole 4 days. 

Saturday |
I was working Saturday night, I wasn't feeling great but I got thorough my shift. Luckily for me it was me and work mumma. We both weren't in the best moods but she made me feel so much better, put a massive smile on my face when I just wanted to go home. She also got us sweets to get through the shift, I was quite happy about this. After work I went home, tucked myself into bed with a nice cider which I debated getting but after a little chat in a group message my fired convinced me that it would make me feel better, he was right. I snuggled into bed and then drifted of to sleep, only to be ruddy awakened by pain.

Sunday |
After being awake nearly a night I had to drag myself out of bed, get ready for work and then be in for 9. The day wasn't to bad but I had planned to have the guy I work with, with me all day on a section we work on. Luckily I got the lovely girl I work with because he has to do the till. He was supposed to be my chummy stand in, he kept popping in and out though to chat to me. I love our chats, we have actually become pretty close in work and I love having him around to chat to and have a giggle with. We share a lot which is weird for me, like I just feel super comfortable around him and I know he is one of the people who can cheer me up when I feel really sad or ill. Anyway I had to cover the cooks break which meant I had to get in my little zone of what I had to do, that meant talking to myself and singing to myself. Only a few people know I do this, the girl I worked with asked the guy I work with what I was doing. Luckily he knows me well enough to know that I sing to myself and talk to myself when I get stressed. After work I had a lovely bubble bath and cuddles with my little cousin, it was so nice to see her. Cuddles from her made the worries of the week just melt away.

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