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Tsum Tsum collection | So far

Hello lovelies,
Disney is a very big part of my life. I'm sure we are all aware of that by now. When the tsum tsums were related in the UK, well I wasn't to bothered about them. Fast forward a year and one trip the the Disney store with Shannon later......Well I'm now obsessed.

So Ive seen a few posts like this and if you're a Disney fan this this may interest you, if you're a fan of my blog then this may also interest you. If not I'm very sorry for this little post. Anyway above is my current collection and of course I'm not going to take you through who each one is......yes who. I know they're not real but just humour me for a little while.

The first tsum tsum that created my collection was Eeyore. I have days when I feel like Eeyore so I needed to have him, I couldn't resist him and the fur on top of his head is just so cute. Ideally I need to  get all the residents of the hundred acre wood, for now though Eeyore is the one I have.

Next was this gorgeous little beauty. Rapunzel. I was drawn to here like a moth to a flame and I absolutely adore her. I love how they even added the little flowers into her hair, I had a nightmare finding pascal but more on him later.

The day after me getting my first two tsum tsum I went to get more. I went to Clinton's to get these ones as Disney store didn't have them. So I got Ariel because I'm determined to collect all the princesses, the ones I grew up watching so Ariel, Cinderella, snow, aurora, belle and jasmine. I love Ariel because they even added her tail which pleases me a lot.

Next one I got was the fairy godmother. I saw her and before i knew it she was in my basket. I have always loved the fairy god mother and I'm so happy that she's been welcomes into the family. 

I struggled to find Cinderella for a good ten minutes, luckily for me she was hidden under all the abandoned tsum tsums that live on top of the display. She was hiding underneath a few that I didn't want. I love this one so much, they even added her bun. Like they could have just done some yellow for the hair, but they actually added a little bun which makes her even more perfect.

Much like everyone else, I'm also a very big frozen fan. I managed to get my hands on Anna and I was so happy. However I didn't manage to get Elsa which was a little sad. I love the detail on her dress and I'm very glad I have her in my collection. I do want to complete the frozen collection so that means I need to go hunting for the others.

As much as I can be an Eeyore I can also spend days walking around like sadness. I managed to find her online and as soon as I saw it I need to buy it.  I love how they actually added a jumper look and the glasses are just so damn cute.

I got Elsa!!! Again I had to go hunting for her online. The minute I saw her she was mine. I adore this one, my little cousin has her already and I wont lie, I was slightly jealous. Everything about her makes me very happy, the dress, the hair. God I'm so happy I got her.

Another one from Clinton's was snow white. Out of all the princesses I'm not the biggest fan just because I think she was silly to roam the woods, then go and live with 7 strangers. Anyway I still love her because its the bow. Like that bow makes her perfect in my eyes.

Last one I got from Clinton's was Tinkerbell. I like her but I think her face just looks to weird. Like its not as cute as tink and it annoys me little. However I couldn't not have her in the collection, she's a fairy and I'm all for the Disney fairies.

Last but certainly not least. Pascal. The one me and my chummy have been after for ages. They had sold out everywhere but luckily for us my aunt and uncle got them when they went to Disneyland Paris. Of course they got chummy one as well, they know how annoyed we were hat we couldn't find him. He now sits next to Rapunzel just waiting for more to be added to the collection. 

The one that I want most is jasmine and Aladdin. I cant find them anywhere and I just need them now. Jasmine is my favourite princess and it seems wrong that she's not part of my little tsum tsum family. So if you know where I can find her, please send me the link.

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