Monday, 4 April 2016

Monthly favourites | March 2016

Hello lovelies,
It's finally time for my monthly favourites. March was by far the best month of my life, not even exaggerating, and I cant wait to share with you my favourites. This is actually a short monthly favourites, sorry about that. Im going to post this when I can because I have the rest of the week planned already, that may mean two posts in one day. Lucky you.

Beauty |
My maybelline blushed nudes palette has been my favourite this month. I have loved using the different shades to make my eyes look slightly better. Its been nice to see what colours work well together and to use shades that I would never normally go for.

Lush |
The yog nog bath bomb has been my faouvrite this month. Most of you know that when I find a bath bomb I love, I stock up on it if its from the festive range. I had a lot of these little beauties left and I love using these. They make my skin feel great are are the perfect thing to help me relax.

Film |
Bridget jones diary has been my favourite this month. I saw them in february but I have been a little obsessed with them ever since. I just love the whole story and her little quest to find love. I really want to get the books to see how they compare to the film, am I the only one who does that?

Book |
My blog 365 book has been my favourite this month. Even though I haven't taken any ideas for the near future posts, its given me a lot of inspiration for my posts in the next year. I've now planned every post that Im going to write up until december 31st.

Youtubers |
Jameboyy | Twitter | Youtube
I saw him before I went to adele and became obsessed. His voice is phenomal and his cover of Adeles when we were young was just stunning. I had that on repeat until I went to see her live. If you like male covers of songs then I would highly reccoemnd you pop over to his channel, I have found a new little obsession on youtube and I urge you all to go and subscribe, you wont regret it.

Song |
This month it had to be an adele song. It couldn't not be when I got to go and see her live. My faouvrite song will have to be water under the bridge. It just meant a lot to me this month and I've connected with some of the lyrics a lot.

TV show |
The big bang theory has been my favourite this month. In the UK the episode where sheldon and amy  get intimate shall we say was finally shown. I loved this episode so much because it such a big step for the two. I think they acted it perfectly and it was just so lovely to see the characters develop more.

Random |
I got to see Adele in march and it was the best expericen of my life. Im not lying when I say that, it was honestly to most increibdle thing. Seeing my idol perform and silence nearly a whole arena (Apart from L) with the opening line of hello. For me adele has always been my foauvrite artist purply because I love the emotion that goes into her songs. I also got to go with my two faouvrite humans. A night with great friends, great music and a lot of laughs, what more can a girl ask for.

Well I hope you liked my January favourites. Let me know what some of your favourites have been in the comments.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

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