Thursday, 28 April 2016

Mini Superdrug Haul |

Hello lovelies,
I went out today and somehow found myself rain into the make up in superdurg. Now at the minute they're doing 3 for 2 on all make up products. I'd seen a few things advertised that I wanted to try so I got them and a few little extras. Now this wont be a very interesting post but I'm very excited about some of the products I got, If I like them them I'll be doing a few reviews for you all.

Palmolive chocolate passion |
My aunt popper round this morning and she was telling me about this shower gel. Now I normally just use a fruity shower gel, normally the original source lemon. Now I went in there and has to find this, its honestly the best smelling thing in the world. This smells just like a chocolate mouse and I cant wait to try this out in the shower. Also because it's a body butter shower cream, I'm looking forward to seeing if it makes my skin moisturised, this may need to be purchased again.

Maybelline dream satin liquid |
This is that same foundation that I always get but mine was running low, I thought I would pick up another one just so I don't run out. This is the lightest shade they do and I find that its perfect for me. Its also a really light foundation so it doesn't really feeling like I'm wearing it.

Maybelline setting spray |
Normally if I want to set my make up I just spray my face with hair spray, which is fine but its really strong and also it always ends up in my eyes. Not a very good idea. I saw this today and shout I would give it a go. I'm going out after work on Saturday so I'm going to do my make up before work, use this spray and see i my make up lasts. Obviously I will top up my make up a little but this may save me a lot of time.

Rimmel volume colourist mascara |
I usually use the Maybelle lash sensational. I'm still going to use that but I saw this advertised and needed to try it. This one has lash tint in it so apparently after two weeks you should have tinted eyelashes even without the mascara. Now I was looking getting my eyelashes tinted. My eyelashes are so fair so they look like I have none, I actually have long lashes but I'm hoping this works. I'll give you the verdict in a few weeks. 

Maybelline gel eyeliner |
My eyeliner ran out about a week ago so I've been using my balks eye shadow for about a weeks. It actually works but I that it was best to get a new one. I saw this one and thought I would try it. Now I used to use an eyeliner pen but since Ive been using my fine liner brush, well I think I can do it better with the brush. Now I thought you may get a bit more product in this but I'm sure it will last me a while. I'm looking forward to trying it out and giving you all a little review of this one. Now I wont be using the brush that comes with it, I just find my real techniques fine liner brush much easier to use.

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