Thursday, 14 April 2016

Can girls have male friends?

Hello Lovelies,
Today I wanted to chat to you all about girls having guy friends. Now I think some people say that it's impossible for girls to have guy friends because one of them might develop feelings for the other. I know what your all thinking "well you were friends with a guy and developed feelings for him" and yes your all right.

However when I was at school I had guy friends who I had no romantic feelings for, like I preferred my guy friends because unlike girls they don't bitch about you behind your back. I have two guy fiends now, granted I have fancied both of them but I don't any more. Like one of the guys I never liked then I did but the other guy, well I already liked him before even meeting him. Yes I based it on looks and from that I developed a little thing for him. Now, well I don't like either of them in that way and it's so nice to just be myself around them.

I think it's perfectly fine for girls to have guy friends, partly because I think it's nice to have a guys perspective on things. For example the guy I work with, I like to think we are on a good friendly level now and most of my guy stuff I've gone to him for advice. I listen to advice from the girls but for me, well I like to see what a guy thinks so then I can make a decision knowing all the facts. 

Does it get weird though when one do you gets into a relationship? Obviously I wouldn't know the answer to this but I can see how a guy might find it weird if you've got male friends but that's their issue, if they love you then they should just be accepting that you spent time with guys that aren't your boyfriend, also I think if they have an issue with it then they're aren't very trusting. Like if they're going to be constantly paranoid that there's something going on, well you need to get rid of that person. For some reason everyone sees it as wired for girls to have male friends, I don't see why though. At school I preferred my guy friends, I just think its simpler in a way.

Even though I never had a thing for my old guy friends, now I feel like my mind has to like any guy I become friends with. I just can't help it, partly because I go for personality and my male friends have amazing personalities, however after I spend a good few weeks liking them I get to a point when I'm like oh no your good for a friend. Basically I have to get comfortable around anyone new, it took me months to get comfortable with the the guy I work with but my latest guy friend, I felt comfortable with him instantly. I think that was down to the fact that my friend had told me loads about him, also he's very down to earth and quite blunt. That sounds horrible but its the quality I like most about him, I like to know where I stand with people so this is the perfect quality in a friend for me.

The one thing I find annoying is that if your a girl with male friends, people start to assume your in a secret little relationship with them. Like at work I have a nice little friendship with one of the guys, like this is the guy I used to like but now I honestly don't. Like I'm myself around him but that means I have no boundaries of conversations, we both don't. Like a few people have said to me oh you and him, Like no, just no. At work on Sunday we were both cooking and I asked where he'd gone, purely because he was wrong about something and I had proof, like I wanted to prove him wrong. When I asked where he was the ladies said "We don't know, we're not joint at the hip to him like you" and then they started giggling. If I find people I get on with I just like to keep them close, especially when my chummy goes for her break, I latch onto another friend. For me I think people will always wonder though, I don't normally chat to guys so for some I think its weird if I start a good friendship with the opposite sex.

What are your opinions on this? Can girls and guys just be friends or do you think no because it could develop into something more? Let me know in the comments.

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