Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Baking People Happy |

Hello lovelies,
Baking people happy is something that I love doing. I come from a family that loves a nice cake or two, that's not me being mean because we honestly do. I've always enjoyed baking because I love that I can take very simple ingredients and turn them into a delicious treat for myself or others.

I wanted to share with you some of my recipes that new never fail to make people happy. These are recipes that I've tried and tested and the girls and guys at work and my family. Now I haven't been able to bake in almost a month and that makes me extremely sad. I normally bake on Saturday and pop them away fro the next day, that's when I'll pack my cupcakes in there box and take them into work. After a long week we all like to just have a nice fun day on a Sunday, it makes them happy when I bring my cakes in and it makes me happy that they like them. Its a win win situation.

Carrot and orange cupcakes |

These cupcakes are very well received at work and at home. I baked these and used my two work chums as my test subjects. Now the guy I work with loves carrot cake so I thought he would be perfect to test these on, luckily for me he loved them. Now when my kitchen is done these will be first on the list for me to bake, take into work and hopefully the ladies will be very happy with them.

Lemon meringue cupcakes |

These cupcakes are always the most popular. These lemon meringue cupcakes are sure to please any lemon lover, its a lemon sponge injected with lemon curd, topped with an Italian meringue swirl on top. My mum loves these and always hopes there are some spare when I bake them for work.

Malteser cupcakes |

These malty cupcakes are divine and are my favourite out of all the cupcakes that I bake. They are so simple to bake and don't need to many ingredients. If you know a someones who loves maltesers then these will be the perfect bake to make them happy.

Rocky road bars |

Last but certainly not least are my rocky road bars. This is the bake that I keep on getting asked to bring in. For some reason they love my rocky road and because it doesn't need an oven, I think I might make some for them this Sunday. Well that's if I have time to actually make them around work and having a social life.

All these bakes seem to make the people I know happy, that's why I love baking for them. Its a little pick me up that I feel some of them need after a long week. Cake wont solve anything but its a sweet treat to indulge in. 

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